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Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare

Nancy Beale, VP-Clinical Systems and Integration, NYU Langone Medical Center

Innovations in the SaaS World

John Ragsdale, CIO, Senior Care Centers, LLC

Patagonia Health: Where Distinct Technology Meets EHRs

Patagonia Health: Where Distinct...

Ashok Mathur, CEO,Patagonia Health

Medocity: Extending Care beyond the Walls of the Clinic

Medocity: Extending Care beyond the...

Raj Agarwal, President & CEO,Medocity

Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT and Wearables Advance Operations

Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT and...

Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & Founder, Compass Intelligence

FormFast: Bridging Gaps with Document Automation

FormFast: Bridging Gaps with Document Automation

Art Nicholas, Chief Revenue Officer,FormFast

Sigmund Software: Ensuring Remarkable Patient-Provider Engagement

Philip Turner, President & CEO,Sigmund Software

Advantasure: Clinician-designed Solutions for Health Management Teams

Brian O’Neill, Symphony™ Transition Leader & Former CEO, Performance Clinical Systems,Advantasure