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ImagineSoftware (Technology Partners LLC): Reimagining Healthcare through Innovation, Intuition, and Intelligence

Sam Khashman, CEO, Imagine SoftwareSam Khashman, CEO, ImagineSoftware
The healthcare sector today is transforming at a significant pace—whether due to new government regulations and mandates, new players entering the industry, or innovative technological advancements. The entry of players such as financial institutions and private equity firms into the space has created a sturdy focus on financial positioning—that is practices can buy, be bought, or remain independent. The need of the hour for healthcare institutions is to develop strong business financials, technology, and intelligence such that they can ensure availability of investment funds, with value creation for consumers as the primary goal. Helping them in their quest is the Charlotte, NC-based company, ImagineSoftware. “Outdated technology, time-consuming workarounds, and inefficient processes are several challenges keeping many organizations behind in the space. Our software helps clients take data and translate it into intelligence. This benefits their business management and supports value creation for patients and stakeholders,” says Sam Khashman, the CEO of ImagineSoftware, Technology Partners, LLC. By identifying clients’ needs, the company helps them in automating workflow and increasing business results by 7 to 30 percent in a matter of weeks.

Operating as one of the leaders in the automation of medical billing software and RCM solutions, ImagineSoftware is focused on creating cutting-edge medical billing software that is both flexible and scalable while streamlining workflow management, ultimately allowing for an increase in revenue. The company’s products not only offer advanced technology and automation but also delivers a seamless connection for full optimization in the healthcare practices’ management experience. “The main aim here is to provide the highest level of automation and support for our clients,” states Khashman.

It is both our technology and support that differentiates us from other market competition

The automation that ImagineSoftware provides enables clients to achieve time and cost savings, eliminating the back-up of productivity and decreasing frustration. Automating simple, repetitive tasks without human intervention is what creates an extremely efficient billing and revenue collections cycle. “Numerous clients are seeing 100 percent of charges captured automatically and more than 2,500 total saved hours per year, with reductions in the time it takes to complete tasks like claims processing, claims filing, and denial management,” mentions Khashman.

With a proven track record of delivering state-of-art solutions, ImagineSoftware has been dominating the healthcare space and has been growing organically, as well as through acquisitions of organizations with similar corporate values. Further, the company’s partner ecosystem also helps distinguish them as this provides the best customer service from strong partners with innovative technologies, as well as its concierge client services. “It is both our technology and support that differentiates us from other market competition,” says Khashman.

ImagineSoftware has always been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 2000 and aims to continue their pursuit by creating technological enhancements that will assist clients in working smarter day in and day out. Khashman believes that advancements in intelligence alone will shape the healthcare revenue cycle arena into something it has never been before and ImagineSoftware looks to lead the way with superior software and service, creating lasting long-term relationships—the average client tenure is 15 years. This truly is at the heart of the company’s core values: Innovation, Motivation, Accountability, Genuine, Integrity, No-Excuses attitude, and Excellence. “These are the core values our company follows daily to drive success for our clients, partners, and employees. We never forget who we work for. Without our clients, we’re just a software company. They are the reason we’re successful,” concludes Khashman.