MLOptic: Delivering Speedy Precision Optics Innovation in the Hour of Need

Dr. Wei Zhou, CTO, Keren Fradkin, General Manager and David Fan, President, MLOpticDr. Wei Zhou, CTO, Keren Fradkin, General Manager and David Fan, President, MLOptic Shortly after the COVID-19 virus broke out in the Asiatic region, many medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical facilities were called upon to develop solutions and help eliminate the global threat. Their focus shifted solely toward achieving the optimal speed-to-market, where healthcare professionals and governments would be fully supported in their efforts with testing kits, vaccines, and high-quality hospital equipment. Unfortunately, fast-tracking a product’s commercialization has always been the biggest challenge for players in the biopharma and manufacturing industries. Only a handful of enterprises maintained the required level of experience and practice to produce regulation-approved medical solutions at a moment’s notice to curb the outbreak; and they are not easily found. One such company, based out of Nanjing, is MLOptic Corp.

MLOptic promptly answered the call of duty when the pandemic hit, enabling hundreds of facilities to observe the microscopic environment better and create precision optics and devices to prevent any further contamination and treat the infected. Before elaborating on the interesting story of how integral MLOptic was in fending off the virus, it is first essential to understand its expertise in optical device innovation.

MLOptic manages a complete supply chain of advanced optical technologies that have been supporting the life science and healthcare industry consistently since 1999. The company develops the most sophisticated optical components to help medical professionals and researchers improve the quality of life for people everywhere. Quite literally, MLOptic brings forth innovative new lenses to look clearly into a brighter future. How and why? The answer is simple: it fully understands the value of superior imaging quality.

“In most medical imaging inspection instruments, high imaging quality is the key to providing reliable data for doctors to make their final judgments. The optical components inside imaging devices are a foundation of the industry,” expresses Dr. Wei Zhou, CTO of MLOptic.

Beyond precision optical components production, MLOptic also specializes in absolute optical metrology solutions for many industries, including augmented and virtual reality glass for the consumer electronic industry. Its innovative research and development methodologies have proven very resourceful, producing precision and affordable components expeditiously. Moreover, having been focused on procuring high-resolution images for the past 15 years, MLOptic has perfected the software development elements of imaging. The global electronics manufacturer maintains a comprehensive understanding of the level of coding required to align multiple optical components together for complex imaging systems; there are zero margins for error. The company’s experience in the field allows it to maneuver around extremely complex coding predicaments and drive optics innovation on a global scale.

MLOptic provides its extensive optical expertise for small, medium-sized enterprises and well-established conglomerates that intend to produce optical medical devices, empowering clients to carry their prototypes from the designing stages all the way through to their commercialization. It helps organizations significantly reduce manufacturing costs, improve medical device production quality, and increase a product’s lifetime. MLOptic additionally makes enough room for scalability in terms of both manufacturing capabilities and technological advancement. It houses the latest metrology and mass production equipment to obtain the highest quality optical products. “Our factories are able to deliver over 100,000 functional modules to help clients manufacture quality final imaging systems,” adds Dr. Zhou.

ML Mid-east GM Dr. Keren Fradkin and her team particularly excel in catering to the needs of dentists, gynecologists, and oncologists—and the size of the healthcare institution is of no consequence. In the case of dentistry, they skillfully enabled the world’s compact 3D oral scanner with sophistic key optical element design and manufacturing to help doctors procure the most detailed and useful bio information, which inevitably improves diagnostic operations and, subsequently, patient care delivery. The company’s solutions prove extremely useful in the areas of cancer treatment as well, where they significantly increase the speed and accuracy of cervical cancer detection. Furthermore, the critical optical components proffered by MLOptic simplify the task of imaging for ophthalmologists when dealing with patients suffering from glaucoma. With regard to gynecologists, the company assists professionals in identifying early signs of infections and diseases within their patients.

We ensure to build equipment that is simple to operate. In doing so, hospitals, as well as small clinics, can use our solutions and run tests for their patients

The company is also credited with building the biggest DNA sequencing machine yet for a major Chinese organization to help enhance and expedite their COVID-19 and protein detection processes. The optical technologies designed, developed, and leveraged in the course of creating the machine helped MLOptic solidify its position in the electronics manufacturing market on an international level. Many organizations across Europe, America, and Africa now utilize MLOptic’s optical components to help their healthcare customers stave off the disease.

Elucidating how the company assisted healthcare professionals and big pharma flatten the curve here aptly displays MLOptic’s dedication to delivering the best optical technology solutions in the modern era. As the demand for more effective virus screening practices and detection devices increased rapidly, ML China region R&D and production team lead by Mr. Matt Du and Mrs. Mickey Yu’s optical electronics team wasted no time architecting the perfect response. The DNA sequencing—or protein fluorescence screening—machines available in the market at the time were simply too expensive and did not deliver results as quickly as expected. The objective for MLOptic became very clear: fabricate affordable and efficient DNA sequencing solutions.

The speed at which the company started production for the same showcases its deep understanding of the facets of optic technology application. The demand for a machine that could manage high throughputs of samples as fast as possible was quickly on the rise; and the experts at MLOptic, almost immediately delivered a product that met and exceeded the market’s expectations. Their decades of professional experience allowed them to design machines that decreased expenses in several research and development areas, paving the way for faster production and distribution speeds. “We ensure to build optical engines that is simple and cheaper for all medical equipment manufactures to integrate.

In doing so, hospitals, as well as small clinics, can use our solutions and run tests for their patients,” states Dr. David Fan, president of MLOptic. It is almost essential to note that MLOptic was among a handful of organizations in China to not close its doors during the pandemic.

The company’s DNA sequencing machines possess an increased field of view with 3D capabilities and a greater depth of focus, allowing researchers to derive desirable quantities of bio information from each sample. Through this device, MLOptic cuts short the otherwise lengthy process of screening multiple samples. It eliminates the need for onsite professionals to spend time aligning samples to conduct accurate inspections. Researchers and other laboratory personnel are required to set the samples in the microscope and let the system do the rest. This is where the company’s profound knowledge of optical software development shines. Dr. Zhou and his global engineering team acknowledge that many smart solution providers—competing in the market—are successful in delivering optical solutions as well. However, owing to the company’s longstanding experience in optical equipment fabrication, none can compare with MLOptic’s speed of product delivery.

  • In every medical instrument, a high imaging quality is the key to providing reliable data for doctors to make their final judgments. The optical components inside imaging devices are a foundation of the industry

In all respect of the word ‘complete,’ MLOptic is a true, one-stop, total optical solution supplier.

Starting with the specific designs of each component to the many software systems to be integrated, the company has studied, in detail, the best ways to develop effective and accurate optical devices. Clients enjoy higher throughput, simplified means of operation, and guaranteed scalability for mass production when collaborating with MLOptic.

With such robust and innovative technological competencies, MLOptic stands as a leader in the current life sciences and medical field today. While it maintains a strong, steady reputation as a medical device solutions manufacturer, the company holds several years of experience serving the aerospace, aviation, and semiconductor industries as well. Dr. Zhou, and the rest of the management at MLOptic, are proud of their diversity in the application of optical technology. The company also fully participates in the consumer electronics market with a slew of next-gen biometric and sensor technology solutions. It is Dr. Zhou’s opinion—and rightly so—that any advancements made in one particular industry can benefit the development of products in another.

MLOptic is fast becoming the go-to optics solution provider in the current hypercompetitive, globalized marketplace with facilities for research and development and manufacturing in China, Thailand, Seattle, and Israel; Europe is the next destination on the company’s roadmap. Onboarding some of the world’s most brilliant scientists in this journey, MLOptic is confident in its ability to revolutionize medical imaging technology and prevent the occurrence of global challenges as was experienced in 2020.

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Nanjing, China

Dr. Wei Zhou, CTO, Keren Fradkin, General Manager and David Fan, President, MLOptic

For over 20 years, MLOptic has offered highly-specialized expertise in optical, mechanical, electrical, software, and systems integration.