InnovaQor's vCIO Services to Provide Specialized IT Services for...

InnovaQor's vCIO Services to Provide Specialized IT Services for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 27, 2021

InnovaQor, Inc. has offered Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services for healthcare facilities.

FREMONT, CA: As technology advances, the roles and responsibilities of chief information officers evolve as well. A CIO is accountable for managing an organization's information technology workforce, information technology assets such as software and hardware, and strategic planning for computer systems and the organization's network. Using a virtual CIO gives a company access to information systems consultancy generally reserved for major corporations and budgeted accordingly. InnovaQor's subsidiary Health Technology Solutions (HTS) has come up with vCIO services, which will provide specialized IT services for healthcare facilities, analyzing and enhancing the security and compliance of business operations while encouraging sustainable growth.

Speaking about the solution, Sharon Hollis, CEO of InnovaQor, Inc., states, “Our virtual solution will maintain the integrity and security of our customers’ network at a fraction of the cost required to maintain an in-house team, and by utilizing the most advanced solutions available, our IT assessment and diagnostic service can expose unknown gaps in IT infrastructure where vulnerabilities can and do lead to attacks that can significantly disrupt or cause huge losses for day-to-day business.”

Data protection has never been more crucial in the healthcare industry. Cyber-attacks, phishing, and ransomware are costing the healthcare business millions of dollars and increasing the sector's emphasis on security and compliance. HTS's virtual chief information officer services focus on infrastructure security and management, ensuring a competitive edge through new technology solutions. Organizations benefit from HTS's vCIO services because they have access to best-in-class IT and cloud technologies without incurring the fixed and significant expenditures associated with staffing a whole in-house workforce.

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