3 Innovative Tech Initiatives for Enhancing Self-Care

3 Innovative Tech Initiatives for Enhancing Self-Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Medical professionals are gearing up to take advantage of innovative technology solutions to help patients engage in a healthy lifestyle.

FREMONT, CA: Over the years, the mediums, methods, and motives for delivering medical care have transformed dramatically. Today, it is necessary for medical professionals to explore new patient engagement solutions and prioritize self-care strategies to thrive in their business. Some of the technological applications that medical professionals actively consider are listed below.

• Patient Monitoring Solutions

There are a multitude of applications in the market that can help medical practitioners offer value-based, patient-centric care. These technology solutions help in monitoring patients' daily schedule, which lets the care providers understand the risky habits and alert the patients on a timely basis in case of any emergencies. Intelligent medical portals also enable the professionals to stay connected and communicate with the patients for providing health tips and suggestions.

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies - 2019• Virtual Check-Up

Reliable connectivity and interaction ability with the patients increase trust in the medical care provided. Communicative portals allow virtual check-up and offer fist aid tips to the patients while assisting them in visiting the nearest care providing point. Such features also enhance the patients' engagement across the portal, creating opportunities for care providers to launch or introduce new medical care solutions. Regular interaction with the patient also creates a digital ecosystem to deliver personalized medical care for more effective outcomes.

Tech-Aided Medical Appliances

Tech-aided care delivery includes online medical portals and medical appliances for specific health conditions. In the ast few years, the adoption of gadgets like wearables, home appliances, smartphones has witnessed tremendous growth. Such devices are integrated with technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics with features like vital health monitoring, enabling medical practitioners to predict future health conditions of a patient. The predictive approach lets the professionals notify their patients and engage them to follow a healthy diet, lifestyle, and habits

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