4medica Reinforces Commitment To Improving The Quality Of...

4medica Reinforces Commitment To Improving The Quality Of Healthcare Data

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 29, 2022

4medica's new website will help existing, and potential clients better understand and take advantage of the clinical and operational advantages of high-quality health data.

Fremont, CA: Health information exchanges, providers, payers, and laboratories are all affected by excessive patient record duplications. Patient identification problems, delays in therapy and unnecessary testing and procedures can all result from this. There is a result of an inefficient healthcare system that costs billions in money, puts patients' health at risk, and causes burnout among health care workers. The quality of patient data can have a positive impact on everyone's healthcare experience. Healthcare data quality and patient matching technology leader 4medica has reinforced its focus on healthcare data quality in 2022 by launching a new website, branding, and ongoing initiatives to improve healthcare data quality.

The quality of patient data affects everyone involved in the healthcare system. When it comes to healthcare, 4medica is committed to helping providers ensure that their patient data is clean and free of duplication by providing them with the necessary technical solutions. One-Patient One-Record is 4medica's company tagline. The firm just introduced the 4medica 4health.me app, which extends the company's "One-Patient One-Record One-App" health data quality platform.

Poor data quality continues to be a problem for health care organizations, according to the results of a survey. AI-based analytics platform 4medica uses to run the master patient index (MPI) data of its current and potential clients for quality checks on a regular basis.

"We're not seeing anything less than a 10% duplication rate," states 4medica President Gregg Church. "The healthcare industry overall still struggles to correctly identify patients. In 2022, we are refocused and reenergized on our assessment process, which drives home the point to healthcare organizations that health data quality must be a top priority." "As health care organizations want to improve patient engagement, poor data quality makes it extremely challenging to proactively engage with patients. 4medica offers a unique way to improve data quality by furthering enriching missing demographic and SDOH details through a powerful referential matching and data enrichment service."

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