A Better Understanding of the Heart: Project 'Going for Zero'

A Better Understanding of the Heart: Project 'Going for Zero'

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Healthcare cost related to the regular checkup of patients’ health has always been a hurdle to achieve the desired goal of the healthcare sector to improve patient experience, but the advent of technology through wearable devices has bettered the situation enabling the patients to check the status of their health regularly. According to a market research by Statista, the number of connected wearable devices will grow to more than 830 million by 2020 and the market will be worth $16,189 million by 2023. Fitbit, Apple, Xiaomi, Garmin, and Samsung are the leading providers of wearable devices.

Omron Healthcare revolutionizes the healthcare sector through HeartGuide, a wearable to monitor blood pressure. The company has undertaken an interesting mission, ‘Going for Zero,’ which is preventing heart diseases, and under this project, they spread awareness about different heart diseases to educate people in collaboration with AliveCor and the AHA.

This new wearable blood pressure monitor, HeartGuide, is an important step toward the fulfillment of their mission, and this device will empower people to have proper knowledge about their health. This sleek and stylish device coming in the form of a wristwatch has the potential to replace the conventional, complex, and time-taking blood pressure measurement process as it does not rely only on the sensor technology.

HeartGuide can remember the data of 100 readings and transfers them to a newly launched mobile app, HeartAdvisor, which enables the patients to acquire a better understanding of their condition and ensures access to heart health coaching in real time. Besides monitoring heart health, this device holds every critical trait of a smartwatch like monitoring of the sleep activity and aerobatic steps.

Complete by Omron, a blood pressure monitor having EKG capability, is an essential innovation to metamorphose the process of gathering blood pressure information at home, and Omron built a partnership with AliveCor while developing the device to leverage EKG technology to the fullest.

The unfiltered growth CVD has frightened the world. WHO positions CVD as the number one cause of death as every continent has confronted with this devastating condition. In this threatening scenario, HeartGuide lets the user input his lifestyle activities to get an understanding of the small changes that can improve blood pressure and health condition.

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