AI in Fitness and Wellness

AI in Fitness and Wellness

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The introduction of technology in the area of fitness and wellness began with the production of electronic workout equipment like heart rate monitors, and in recent times, wearable devices. With AI technology being efficient, the combination of healthcare and AI has allowed tracking of vitals and continuous monitoring in case of fluctuations. The combination has brought about rejuvenation in the applications for wearables, which are:

• AI: Personal fitness coach:

The applications on equipment and mobile are powered by AI, which allows it to provide affordable fitness training along with monitoring, workout customization, and training to attain goals, anywhere and at any time. Some apps can even be integrated with training equipment for personalization of gym routines and to obtain detailed inputs of the session. Apps which run on AI also offers a guide to using the equipment, scheduling gym sessions, and calculating vital signs of the body while exercising, depending on the user’s requirement.

• AI technology in wearables:

Smart wearables are those devices which are powered by AI technology. The AI market is becoming fashionable with smart devices like watches, which project real-time charts of the user’s vital signs, allowing prevention of diseases, or their early diagnosis. The devices can also decrease the chances of injury for the user with guidelines advising the change of posture or movement during sessions. The practice session can be monitored by the personal coach even when they are at a distance as the smart wearable will send reports of which can be used for insights on the gym session. 

• Virtual Assistants:

The AI-powered virtual assistant technology is used in Chatbots that are available whenever necessary. Chatbots are mainly used to replace human beings from carrying out repetitive tasks and fulfilling the manpower requirement. Chatbots are employed to assist users in the initiation of their fitness journey and for the provision of support to people with health issues. Virtual Assistants can be depended on for therapeutic, wellness related issues as well as emergencies.  

The implementation of AI in the field of fitness and wellness has proven to be useful and is engaging more people to inculcate the habit of fitness bringing about a positive note from the users. 

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