Apple and Google Introduce Platforms to Enhance Healthcare Research

Apple and Google Introduce Platforms to Enhance Healthcare Research

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, both Google and Apple have introduced platforms for their respective users to track their health and fitness, reports Joseph Farell for The Huffington Post. While Apple introduces ResearchKit- an open source framework that allows developers to create apps for medical research, Google launches the Study Kit apps that enable selected participants to share their health information with researchers.

Using Apple’s ResearchKit, researchers can develop apps according to their criteria and requirements through which the researcher can collect data from interested iPhone users. The app conducts a survey and allows the researcher to track and measure the progression of a disease. With the increasing use of iPhone and Apple Watch, the sample sizes for researchers have also increased. The collection of all the data inserted by the user can help researchers gain an insight to genetics.

To this end, Google’s Study Kit, part of its Baseline Study- a project to analyze the concept of healthy living, is an app offered to both iOS and Android users who have enrolled with Google’s Life Science Team. With a similar concept of ResearchKit , Google’s Study Kit enables users to share their health information and habits with researchers on a routine basis and track the unhealthy habits of the user. This app will help Google collect more information for its Baseline Project to figure out the state of being ‘healthy’.

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