Application of IoT on Healthcare: Hurdles and Solutions

Application of IoT on Healthcare: Hurdles and Solutions

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, May 27, 2019

The field of healthcare has seen significant advancements owing to the Internet of Things. Medical professional nowadays have been able to provide better care to patients as more and more duties are being taken up by assisting technologies. Automated tasks and technology-enabled diagnostics have made processes seamless and faster. These instances of IoT applications in the healthcare industry create a perfect picture. However, many hurdles come in the way of applying IoT to the healthcare sector. Here's how to resolve them.

Doctors form an essential part of the healthcare industry, and they face some hurdles while trying to integrate their working style with that of the IoT administered devices. This happens because doctors need to be extra careful about the way the systems handle patient information. Advanced data monitors and cognitive machine assistance helps in overcoming the same.   

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Security becomes a priority as soon as an industry considers IoT. The Internet puts patient and other medical data at risk of cyber attacks. So, adopting additional security infrastructure in addition to the IoT tools becomes mandatory. The available technologies cannot guarantee safety against threats, so a suitable recovery mechanism is also essential. This means healthcare providers have to invest substantially in building a layer of security across the whole system.

A team of IT experts are required at a hospital to facilitate the application of any related technology. This team has to handle the various aspects of the hospital through the building management system. A vast network of connected devices needs to be operated, at the optimal levels throughout the day. IoT enabled medical devices add to this list of tools that need to be managed; yet, powers the workflow with many alluring advantages. 

The medical sector has the highest amounts of regulations because of the high stakes involved in the industry. Every product has to satisfy the regulatory compliances and only then one can use them to provide healthcare facilities. The advantages of IoT applications in the healthcare industry are indisputable, but a cautious approach in the face of possible hurdles can help diminish the struggles that come with it. 

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