Diabetes & Heart Disease: South Asian Heart Center (El Camino...

Diabetes & Heart Disease: South Asian Heart Center (El Camino Health) & CardioVisual Partner Up

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 02, 2021

As we know, heart disease is the #1 killer across the world with the exception of

COVID-19. South Asians are at an even higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, which also affects them at a younger age. However, 90% of heart disease is preventable!

Patients are often misled by information on the internet and social media, leading to significant confusion, anxiety, and poor health outcomes. Together we are improving awareness and slowing the growing epidemic of these deadly conditions by providing only reliable and curated videos from leading clinicians directly to mobile devices.

CardioVisual (a mobile app created by US cardiologists) and Silicon Valley-based South Asian Heart Center (El Camino Health) have teamed up to bring clinicians and patients in South Asia clinician-validated videos about heart disease and diabetes that is easily accessible via the CardioVisual app on any mobile device.

Our concise, unbiased educational videos allow clinicians to share and patients to learn comprehensive information, from conditions to their prevention, nutrition, lifestyle

changes, treatments, and complex procedures.

Please support our collective digital efforts to improve

awareness of heart health and diabetes by watching this video & sharing the CardioVisual app:






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