EDCO Unveils Solarity 4.0 to Reduce Possibility of Mismatch...

EDCO Unveils Solarity 4.0 to Reduce Possibility of Mismatch Patients' Documents

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAINT LOUIS, MO: EDCO Health Information Solutions – a provider of healthcare management solutions and services – announces the upgrade to its medical record scanning and indexing software, Solarity with reduction of error in filing documents into wrong patient chart.

The Solarity accurately scans and indexes electronically filling patient records by utilizing document identification algorithms and workflow that reads the entire document to identify document type automatically. The easy-to-use software saves time by eliminating the requirement of manual document index. It streamlines the scanning environment and provides the data into Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) system selected by users.

EDCO Health Information Solutions includes multiple features into its latest Solarity 4.0 such as:

Advanced Misfiling Detection: The new Solarity 4.0 introduces advanced misfiling detection rules to reduce the possibility of documents to be electronically filed into wrong patient chart that enhances the surety of patient care, privacy and compliance.

Automatic Image Grouping: The new scanner module automatically combines multiple images into group including the auto-association of front and back of the scanned documents. This supports the facility of placing signature or other information at the back of documents in case of patient’s missing information.

Single Sign-In: The new version also adds single sign-in capability for its scan interface with the use of Windows operating system user credentials that capture documents in three clicks at the point of care. These enhancements simplify the scanning and indexing process of patient information document that fulfills the vision of making truly paperless information sharing and transaction.

Advanced Extraction Plugin: Solarity 4.0 includes an advanced extraction plugin to pre-validate the indexing information by comparing it with Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) feed confirming the complete and accurate information for the document review operator.

Access from Anywhere: The quality audit tools can be accessed through secure webpage that ensures the review of documents can be processed from anywhere with internet access.

In addition, the new scanner module facilitates real-time tracking and reporting through the Internet-enabled dashboard which also comes with interface for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) reporting functionality and electronic chart reconciliation. The users, through this solution, can evaluate the performance at aggregate and individual operator level.



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