Edelstein & Company LLP Acquires R.J. Gold & Company

Edelstein & Company LLP Acquires R.J. Gold & Company

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Boston, Massachusetts - Edelstein & Company, a premier mid-sized CPA firm renowned for tax, audit, accounting, advisory, business valuation, and forensic accounting services, today has acquired R.J. Gold & Company, a 15 person CPA firm based in Burlington, MA, led by Robert J. Gold.

The acquisition combines years of experience in public accounting and creates one full team of professionals equipped to add more value to individuals and privately held companies both firms have served throughout their lifetime in business. This is also an exciting expansion of Edelstein’s healthcare practice as Gold brings with him a depth and breadth of clients in that particular industry. For years, Edelstein’s healthcare partners and Gold have had the opportunity to build a relationship and work together in the healthcare space. By joining, the two firms are creating an even more powerful team to assist all clients with their needs.

“This is an exciting transition for myself and my team members. Our priority has always been to assist our clients at the highest level and to add value with all of the services we provide. Sharing these values with our new colleagues from Edelstein tops the list of reasons why coming together makes sense now more than ever,” said Robert J. Gold of R.J. Gold & Company.

Edelstein is now a team of nearly 130 people, including 16 partners. With Gold’s office located in Burlington, MA, the footprint of the firm will expand to a popular suburb outside of Boston. Edelstein’s long-standing Boston address will remain, and the firm will now offer an extension of flexibility to team members and clients alike with space just north of the city.

Scott Kaplowitch will remain in his role as Managing Partner. After years of leading his own firm, Robert J. Gold will join Edelstein as a member of the partner group.

“I’m thrilled to have R.J. Gold & Company merging into Edelstein. For years, we’ve been connected through the accounting industry and now, we have the opportunity to formally work cohesively and collaboratively under one name,” said Edelstein’s Managing Partner, Scott Kaplowitch.

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