EMPClaims Ranked Top 10 RCM Vendor in the Country

EMPClaims Ranked Top 10 RCM Vendor in the Country

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 30, 2019

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS: Healthcare Tech Outlook, the premier print magazine documenting technological advances in the healthcare industry, revealed its annual Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company rankings this month. This rankings are determined by a panel of CFOs, CIOs, and industry analysts. Among its coveted top 10 list, was a relative newcomer, EMPClaims. This represents a major coup for the young company, which now contends with established, publicly traded companies in this space.

RCM Companies assist healthcare organizations by automating everything from patient registration to medical billing to claims management. The healthcare industry is going through its most significant change in decades and medical practices are struggling to grow revenue per patient. This requires RCM organizations to continuously innovate with solutions that improve practice revenues. For healthcare organizations this means reduced billing errors and increased profits. For patients this means increased billing transparency, more affordable healthcare, and better treatment.
EMPClaims Solutions occupies this space by providing a fully customized suite of services for medical practices that includes coding, billing, and practice management consulting; all with a focus on optimizing reimbursement and improving patient experience.

The company is thrilled to be formally recognized for all its hard work and success in the industry.

“The secret to our success is that we have followed a simple mantra, ‘no claim left behind,’” said Piyush Kedia, EMPClaims’ managing partner, “Combining this mantra with rigorous study of the analytics, has helped us understand what gets paid and what doesn’t. In turn this has ensured our clients are getting fully compensated for all the services they provide”.
EMPClaims is based in Lombard, IL and offers a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management and Chronic Care Management Services to medical practices and hospitals nationwide.

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