Epson America Adds New Wearables into its 'Epson Active' to Improve...

Epson America Adds New Wearables into its 'Epson Active' to Improve Fitness and Lifestyle

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

LONG BEACH, CA: Epson America, a provider of electronics products, announces that it has introduced new sports, fitness and health wearables in Epson Active product category including Pulsense, Runsense and M-Tracer. These wearables leverage Epson’s sensing technology to deliver a better lifestyle, fitness and sports performance by determining accurate data and easily interpreted feedback timely.

Pulsense is used for continuous heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned and exercise-intensity measurement. The users can wear the electronic wearables on their wrist. It can boost fitness sense by reviewing stored data with user-friendly PULSENSE View mobile app or website.

Epson’s Runsense is developed on highly accurate and energy-efficient GPS chip working with an accelerometer to provide accuracy. The wearables, featuring bio-sensing and motion-sensing technologies, combines GPS tracking device with built-in Smart Stride Sensor to capture users’ technique, measure distance and calculate the speed at any conditions. It has four scratch-resistant interactive screens where the users can have insight on all measures including continuous heart rate, elapsed time, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed and burned calories with sharing facility of performance data.

M-Tracer has swing analyzer that gives the detailed information to golfers, helping them to enhance their swing performance by recording the swing path of club, club-head speed, club-head path, face angle at the time of impact and tempo.

“The Epson M-Tracer golf swing analyzers provide real-time feedback and helps golfers understand exactly what is happening throughout their swing,” says David Leadbetter, Instructor & Owner of more than 20 golf academies and Golf Digest Teaching Professional. “This information empowers golfers to improve their swing in an easy and intuitive manner.”

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