First NLP Summit Dedicates a Full Day to Natural Language...

First NLP Summit Dedicates a Full Day to Natural Language Technology in Healthcare, with Free Sessions, Datasets, and Software for Data Scientists

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 05, 2020

LEWES, Del. - John Snow Labs, developer of the Spark NLP library, and host of the upcoming NLP Summit, will dedicate an entire day to healthcare and life sciences sessions. On October 8, experts from leading healthcare organizations like Kaiser Permanente, Merck, CancerLinQ, and The University of California, Berkeley, will gather to discuss natural language processing (NLP) best practices, case studies, challenges, and tools impacting the industry. John Snow Labs will also provide free access to datasets, NLP software, and its AI platform for data scientists working on COVID-19 projects.

While there are many use cases for NLP across vertical markets, few have experienced more prolific growth than healthcare and life sciences. In fact, the global NLP in healthcare and life sciences market size is expected to grow from $1.5 billion in 2020 to $3.7 billion by 2025, according to research from MarketsandMarkets™. Some major factors contributing to this progress include the use of predictive analytics to reduce risk and improve outcomes, and improving Electronic Health Record (EHR) data usability to enhance patient care.

As a response to this, the NLP Summit will offer innovative and thought-provoking testimonials from more than 20 top influencers and enterprises advancing NLP in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Some of these sessions include:

• Developing language of collaboration for healthier neighborhoods (Cityblock Health)

• Using Spark NLP to build a drug discovery knowledge graph for Covid-19 (Wisecube)

• Advancing the Patient Experience with Human-Centered AI Design (Dalang)

• Intensive Feature Engineering from Unstructured Data to Determine Probability of a 30-day Readmission (Paladin AI)

• Mitigating the Liabilities of Artificial Intelligence in NLP (

“The goal of the free NLP Summit is to arm AI leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully deploy NLP today,” said David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs. “With the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear how valuable NLP can be in a healthcare setting, with the power to predict disease, recommend action, and ultimately save lives.”

In addition to the full day of healthcare sessions exploring NLP challenges, John Snow Labs is committed to putting its AI and healthcare expertise into practice to fight the Coronavirus. Through a partnership with, the cloud-native data catalog, John Snow Labs is making 2,224 current, linked, and expert-curated healthcare datasets available to COVID-19 researchers and data scientists for free.

As another resource for healthcare organizations, John Snow Labs recently issued the first 2020 NLP Industry Survey, exploring how companies use NLP technologies. The survey was conducted by Gradient Flow, an independent data science analysis and insights provider. The findings will be presented in a keynote presentation at the NLP Summit titled, “NLP Industry Survey Analysis: the industry landscape of natural language use cases in 2020.”

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