GenoSpace Population Analytics to Support Inova Health System in...

GenoSpace Population Analytics to Support Inova Health System in Genome Sequencing Initiative

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FERMONT, CA: GenoSpace, a digital architect of genomic medicine announces the selection of its Population Analytics by Inova Health System, a non-for-profit healthcare system, for whole-genome sequencing initiative.

Whole genome sequencing is a laboratory process determining the complete DNA sequence of organism’s genome at the same time. GenoSpace Population Analytics provides information such as demographic, genomic, low-dimensional assay, treatment and outcomes for scientists, and clinicians. It also offers cloud-based storage of genomic data; clinical, laboratory and genomic information; analytic tools and insight of patient’s population; population stratification and biomarker discovery; and clinical trial simulation.

Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI), a division of Inova Health Systems collects stores and analyzes data collected from patients. 8,000 genomes sequenced by ITMI from different people are linked to clinical data with an aim to find out various genetic factors, causing diseases. GenoSpace platform helps to find disease associations within the collected data sets for leveraging the knowledge of these associations in the practice of medicine.

“GenoSpace enables our staff to efficiently gain insight from large quantities of complex information," says Greg Eley, CTO, ITMI.

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