Geonetric and Tea Leaves Health Collaborate for Enhanced...

Geonetric and Tea Leaves Health Collaborate for Enhanced Connectivity and Customer Relationship Intelligence

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

ROSWELL, GA: Geonetric and Tea Leaves Health forms an alliance to help out healthcare organizations to get connected with the most happening marketing platforms, better track performance measurements and aid in population health management through targeted online marketing.

The partnership will help healthcare organizations connect Web initiatives and customer relationship management systems in more robust and reliable methods. It also enables better campaign management, targeted online marketing and personalized Web experiences.

“Together we are creating a way to integrate currently disparate pieces of the marketing process, providing organizations an unparalleled look into consumer engagement and a clear path to improving population health through integrated, multi-channel marketing,” says Ben Dillon, Vice President at Geonetric.

Tea Leaves Health offers customer relationship management software that automates many marketing and communication tasks, allowing healthcare marketers to develop sophisticated consumer engagement strategies. When combined with Geonetric’s VitalSite content management system, it’s possible for hospitals to seamlessly share data between the systems, gaining insights into consumer behavior and setting a strong foundation for delivering targeted and automated communications.

On the partnership with Geonetric, Jim Schleck, Partner at Tea Leaves Health says, “They help hospitals use their website and digital marketing to build relationships. Connecting Tea Leaves Health’s CRM with Geonetric’s content management system creates more value for both hospitals and their patients.”

Geonetric and Tea Leaves Health also shares a common client list which includes the likes of Adventist HealthCare in Rockville, MD and Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics, Tyler, TX.

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