Haldor Advanced Technologies and 3M Launches Haldor's ORLocate...

Haldor Advanced Technologies and 3M Launches Haldor's ORLocate System Interface

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CHERRY HILL, NJ: Haldor Advanced Technologies, a developer of healthcare solutions like ORLocate has launched an Automatic Integration Connector between ORLocate SPD Solution – that offers accurate, efficient and real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities of the tagged surgical items system and 3M Attest Auto-readers 390, 390G, and 490 – part of the 3M Attest Biological Indicator ("BI") System.

The integration eliminates the need to enter data manually and guide users to select cycle-appropriate test packs thereby eliminating the risk of using an item from a batch with a positive BI test in the Operating Room.

The new ORLocate 3M Attest Connector provides seamless connectivity between Haldor’s RFID enabled individual surgical instrument tracking solution and the 3M Auto-readers for rapid and readout BIs. Haldor offers the Connector as an add-on to the ORLocate Sterile Processing Department Solution.

“We are thrilled about the integration with 3M and believe that providing SPD departments for the first time with a seamless association between BI test results and individual instrument level will provide hospitals with the much awaited critical step forward in achieving improved infection control, traceability, and quality control processes,” said Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor Advanced Technologies.

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