How Can Telemedicine Services Benefit Patients?

How Can Telemedicine Services Benefit Patients?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Rapid technological advances have created more convenience and efficiency in every facet of life and are now more evident in the healthcare industry.

Fremont, CA: Telemedicine or the ability to access remotely and offer healthcare services and clinical information through the internet, via two-way video chats, via email, text message, or over the telephone, has revolutionized medical practice by enabling patients and providers to benefit from a more personal, cost-effective, safe and reliable methods of healthcare delivery without the requirement to meet in the traditional doctor office setting. Studies show that telemedicine benefits by demonstrating virtually no difference between the qualities of medical care provided, whether it be in person or provided via telemedicine.  Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Companies - 2020

Saving Patients Time and Money

Patients spend a massive amount of time and money seeking quality healthcare services. It was stated on a report that, on average, it takes over 2 hours and costs a patient roughly $43 in opportunity costs (in addition to actual medical costs) for each medical appointment he or she attends. The possibility to participate in a telemedicine appointment over a smartphone or computer saves a tremendous amount of time and reduces the stress associated with taking time off from work and discarding the associated costs of gas, travel, parking, childcare, and other incidentals.

Increased Patient Access to Health Care

Telemedicine betters patients’ access to healthcare by removing the distance and travel time between patients and care providers; this is particularly true for specialized healthcare providers. Generally, a problem found in underserved rural areas, telemedicine services now provide patients with access to a vast array of specialized healthcare services that are not limited by physical distance.

Increased Access to Specialists and On-Demand Options

Telemedicine eliminates the potential barriers and makes it possible for patients and primary care physicians to use online or on-demand availability of specialized practitioners to better access the expertise of specialists who are not physically present nearby. Telemedicine allows the patients to address pressing health issues by consulting with the best specialists and health practitioners.

Reduced Risk of Spreading a New Illness

Healthcare professionals consider all the precautions to prevent the illness from spreading within their respective offices. Despite the best efforts, patients are generally exposed to a variety of illnesses just by sitting in crowded waiting rooms; this gives rise to a dangerous situation for patients with weakened immune systems or any other underlying health conditions. 

Telemedicine reduces the risk of exposure by allowing patients to access quality healthcare services without being exposed or exposing others to additional illnesses.

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