How Freelancers Can Assist in Healthcare Consulting Services

How Freelancers Can Assist in Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Healthcare organizations increasingly outsource a variety of functions, from product development to data analytics. This is especially true in the context of the current pandemic and the post-COVID era.

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare sector is one of the most reliant on contractors and freelancers. Typically, decision-makers in healthcare organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms outsource tasks requiring specialized knowledge:

  • CXOs and heads of research and development departments at pharmaceutical companies
  • Entrepreneurs/startup founders in health technology CEOs of medical technology SMBs
  • Hospital CXOs HODs/senior staff of teaching hospitals
  • CXOs of health data analytics consultancies and small and medium-sized businesses
  • CXOS and its founder’s Patient advocacy organizations / Nonprofit research organizations
  • Public health organizations (government/non-governmental organizations/private)
  • Directors of contract research organizations (CROs) and clinical trial consulting firms
  • Agencies responsible for medical communication
  • Consultancies in regulatory affairs (e.g., handling FDA applications)

The following are some examples of skilled experts who are frequently hired as consultants or freelancers in the healthcare industry:

Medical statisticians and Analysts of Health Data

The healthcare industry frequently outsources data analysis to specialists to derive insights from the massive amounts of daily health data. While health data analysts can assist with studying complex hospital data and improving patient outcomes, freelance medical statisticians can help with clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and the verification of research data, among other things. Clinical biostatistics consulting is becoming increasingly important for healthcare organizations of all sizes, from government-funded public health organizations to established biopharmaceutical companies.

Medical Authors

Healthcare professionals and businesses will want to communicate medical content to their technical, therapeutic, educational, promotional, or informative audience. Various types of documents include product marketing, details about the medicine/device, pre-clinical research reports, participant information, and consent forms, clinical trial protocols and publications, health promotional content, conference abstracts and presentations, grant writing, patient stories, regulatory documents, post-marketing documents, medical and scientific articles, and book chapters. By collaborating with expert medical writers, healthcare sector can ensure that their content is of the highest quality while saving time and energy. Regulatory writers, in particular, can assist with the time-consuming process of FDA submissions and National Institutes of Health grant funding applications.

Consultants in Clinical Research

Clinical research is defined as medical research that involves humans. While observational studies observe subjects in their natural environment, clinical trials evaluate a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. This is the primary method by which researchers will determine whether a new treatment or medical device is safe and effective in humans. Clinical trials are conducted on new drugs and devices to ensure safety, effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory standards. Consulting firms and contract research organizations provide writing and statistical analysis services to assist in expediting the process. Clinical trial consultants on a freelance basis can assist organizations in developing robust protocols, submitting grant applications, and analyzing data to improve outcomes.

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