How is Healthcare Marketing Revamping the Healthcare Landscape?

How is Healthcare Marketing Revamping the Healthcare Landscape?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 01, 2021

With the consumers having control, awareness, and tools to influence their healthcare decisions, the providers must formulate experiences that inform delight and spark an emotional connection.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare being more consumerized than ever; patients want access to relevant, personalized information and services by simply tapping a screen or clicking a mouse. As the healthcare landscape is changing, so is the landscape of healthcare marketing. The business model policy changes and technological innovations backed by a digital-first population are massively influencing how often the providers engage their audiences.

Marketing throughout the patient journey

Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Consulting/Services Companies - 2019Traditionally, healthcare marketing focused on acquiring or re-acquiring patients for individual episodic events and point-of-care treatment. And this approach provides a limited view of how a patient navigates their healthcare journey. Instead, there is an urgent need to shift the thought process. Healthcare starts with patients and engages them as active participants in their journey from research through the delivery of care and beyond.

Removing Friction after Acquisition

Marketers are aware that finding a provider is only a single step in a person's healthcare journey. That is why leading providers are implementing ways to ensure patients can get the care and ancillary services they need, when they need them, and as painlessly as possible. It is a matter of removing friction from the patient's experience. This is a point where marketing can assume the dual roles of patient advocate and provider ambassador.

Patients at the Centre with CRM

Modern healthcare systems need more growth. But today, it is not about bringing in many new patients for episodic care, and it is more about patient-centered care that keeps the patients engaged throughout a lifecycle. That's why forward-thinking healthcare systems and clinics apply CRM software and principles to develop a more cohesive patient experience.

Marketing Automation

Providers must engage in prospective patients, noting where they are at every step of their healthcare journey, sending a single message to all patient segments is ineffective.

Whether the providers are reaching out to the current or prospective patients, marketing automation is invaluable. It allows the providers to execute everything starting from lead-generation programs and personalized nurture campaigns to special events and webinars with maximum efficiency.

 With the shifting mindsets and advancements in digital technology, this time is ripe for positive healthcare disruption. Whether an individual is in a health system, pharma, provider, or payer, evolving thinking and marketing approach is a prescription for growth and long-term relationships.

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