How Medicalvisual Is Transforming Patient Education

How Medicalvisual Is Transforming Patient Education

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

MedicalVisual is a digital health technology company focused on creating technology solutions for the daily problems our busy clinicians and their patients face. Our product, CardioVisual mobile app, provides trusted and comprehensive video-based information for chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, allowing busy clinicians to easily share such information and save time while empowering patients with engaging and easy-to-understand information. Our mission is to provide trusted information effectively to increase comprehension, compliance, and quality of care for patients.

Patients can easily access CardioVisual's library of concise videos on any mobile device, learn more about the conditions and treatments, and use interactive tools for deeper learning and sharing with their caregivers. Clinicians can easily share the videos at the point of care or via integrated patient portals and other tools in the provider systems to help easily transfer the information to patients.

A vast majority of Americans own some sort of smartphone or mobile device, which is increasingly being utilized for health inquiries. While there is abundance of information and plenty of misinformation, proper utilization of digital health technologies and access to reliable engaging information can greatly improve patient outcomes.

Check out the CardioVisual platform for some of our latest collaborations with clinician experts and practices that are helping make a difference in patient care and using digital tools and apps for patient education and engagement.

At MedicalVisual, our goal is to provide factual and unbiased video-based information effectively to the clinician-patient ecosystem.

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