How to Distinguish the Reality from Hype in Healthcare?

How to Distinguish the Reality from Hype in Healthcare?

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Healthcare IndustrySummary: ML and AI will pave the way for future advancements in healthcare. The actual reality is way further aligned than the myth, where it speaks about the juxtaposition of AI and human intelligence operating within a single scenario.

FREMONT, CA: The excitement surrounding AI and the promise and potential of what it can achieve for healthcare is genuine. There is already a load going on with the AI in hospitals, as evidenced by the numerous case studies. When it comes to ML and AI, many in the healthcare sector become anxious, but the benefits will be huge if people can hang onto them for a few years. For example, ML and AI have paved the way toward precision and personalized medication in the coming decades.

Clinicians Replaced by AI:

In spite of the fears that image reading will become an exclusive province of computer algorithms in the years ahead, clinicians have never denied the need for radiologists and cardiologists. Clinicians will be required to optimize machine results in the coming decade.

AI and Biomedicine Get Green Light:

Healthcare is nothing like the antique Chinese board game. In medicine, several things are happening at once; most of them are too complex to be understandable. It is, to a large extent, more like the real-time strategy games, and there will arrive a day when machine intelligent algorithms can partly run an ICU.

Deep Learning as an AI Tool for a Long Time:

Deep learning is thrilling but should only be used at the beginning. The future will be the one where computers are both smart and fast, and these days, deep learning will be displaced by much more cognitive technology. It is not only unto a programmer to contribute to the beneficial evolution of AI. Clinicians and other healthcare experts can help by building that progression from data to intelligence.

AI for Primary Care:

ML and AI have a significant role to play in primary health care and population health management. Some clinicians still dislike the inscrutable nature of AI, but as it keeps on evolving and showing its worth, that skepticism may wither away.

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