HTMS Unveils Optimum Productivity Enhancer to Improve Staffing...

HTMS Unveils Optimum Productivity Enhancer to Improve Staffing Efficiency

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

BRENTWOOD, TN: HealthTech Management Services (HTMS), a provider of management support and consulting services, introduces its Optimum Productivity Enhancer program, a new product line to enhance productivity as well as staffing efficiency.

The Optimum Productivity Enhancer program helps user track and provide report on productivity by utilizing web-based software based on staffing workload. The program makes sure the completeness of set goal at right time and implements real targets for each health organization. It facilitates education training and support on productivity management to staffs and managers.

HTMS’s new program focuses on management of labor efficiency by adding Productivity Manual feature which works on operational definitions, targets and well-defined benchmarks. Furthermore, the company applies latest product line’s multi faceted and collaborative approach to determine hospital of any sizes work processes, staff mix and minimum staffing levels based on industry standards.

“Our Optimum Productivity Enhancer allows your organization to effectively manage your largest expense line item; leading your hospital to greater operating margins and affording the opportunity to meet your corporate mission on a consistent basis,” says Neil Todhunter, President, HTMS.

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