Impact of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Impact of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

AI-powered technologies are becoming more prevalent across different industries, such as spanning education, finance, energy, and more recently healthcare. Lately, the growth of artificial intelligence technology has empowered healthcare industries for various reasons such as to better serve patients, members of staff, run more efficiently and invests more on innovation too. Whilst we may at the beginning of AI transformation, here are some specific ways it is changing the landscape of the medical industry.

The needs to improve the healthcare industry with the emergence of innovative technologies have to drive the growth of digital health. Tech start-ups are leading this charge majorly by identifying and making strides within various areas of the industry, which are more susceptible to disruption, including pharmaceuticals, genomics, insurance, administration, and clinical operations. It is significant to notice the startups to determine innovation in the healthcare industry. It is possible to understand some key business areas in healthcare. The role of innovations in healthcare is to present revenue-saving opportunity, improve clinical operation workflow, promote emerging field such as big data analysis, remote patient monitoring, administration, and care provision in healthcare.

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Bay Labs: The form of machine learning, which combines ultrasound and deep understanding to diagnose and manage heart disease by showing accurate cardiovascular imaging. This technology has designed extensively to aid medical professionals to interpret echocardiograms.

Olive- AI-infused bot: Healthcare administration is always ripe for disruption. It was designed to automate many administrative tasks that interfere with the healthcare system.

Prognos: The substantial IP holding is the subject in Prognos. These holdings give the lead over the competitions. With this, the startup has gained ownership for more than 1000 machine-learning enabled algorithm that focuses on analysis and lab data management.

AliveCor: This medical device was designed to get EKG reading instantly. The device has attached to the slot on a band of Apple watch, through that the wearer can get their EKG reading by touching the sensor. 

Healthcare is always relying on innovation and creativity. Now, the industry has the chance to harness with those innovations in terms of machines and software.

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