Kinnser Business Insights: A Breakthrough Solution for Home Health...

Kinnser Business Insights: A Breakthrough Solution for Home Health Providers

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

AUSTIN, TX: KINNSER Software recently released its breakthrough software Kinnser Business Insights, a cloud solution engineered to transform client’s agency data into actionable insights for optimizing business performance. It helps reduce costs, expand new revenue opportunities, allocate resources efficiently, and use data to drive better business decisions. Founded in 2003, KINNSER Software aims at creating innovative web-based solutions to deliver clinical and business results for the home health industry. It provides online solution to engage clinicians and staff throughout the care continuum.

Powered by data visualization software Tableau, Kinnser Business Insights enables users to track business metrics and correct the errors. It provides charts and reports which can be interpreted easily to offer real-time visibility into average length of stay, discharge details, productivity, and average reimbursement per episode. Kinnser Business Insights includes more than 30 pre-built reports and visualizes trends to provide a clear picture of company performance. “We are entering a smarter era of healthcare delivery where only the best-prepared providers will thrive. Kinnser has hit a home run with Kinnser Business Insights,” says Sharon Harder, Healthcare Consultant, C3 Advisors.

Kinnser Agency Manager, is another popular product from Kinnser and widely used software by home health agencies to power post-acute care.  “KINNSER is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that support excellent care and profitable growth,” says Chris Hester, President and Founder, KINNSER Software.

KINNSER reinvests nearly 20 percent of its annual income into research and development, and Kinnser Business Insights is the latest outcome of that substantial investment. The solution provides better information and enables companies to be more competitive in the market.

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