LifeWorks NW and Virginia Garcia Health Center Work Together for...

LifeWorks NW and Virginia Garcia Health Center Work Together for the Treatment of 'Whole Person'

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

PORTLAND, OR: LifeWorks NW, behavioral health care provider, partners with Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, a non-profit healthcare organization, to come up with a project that focuses on the effective treatment of ‘whole person’ by providing access to all the relevant data to primary care physicians and behavioral health clinicians, reports Kevin Allen for Netsmart.

Netsmart is a provider of traditional software solutions and services for health and human services sectors and assists in delivering in contexts like behavioral health, mental health, public health, substance abuse and methadone.

Both the firms collaborate with Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN) and use Netsmart’s CareConnect solution to create Continuity of Care Document (CCD) for each client. CCD is exchanged between two companies in a secured manner. The CCD consists of integrated data from Netsmart CareRecord EHR (Electronic Health Record) used by Lifeworks NW and Epic EHR used by Virginia Garcia. CareRecord, a Netsmart’s EHR solution, provides support, improvement and integration for patient care delivery process across all levels of care with easy-to-use and reliable functionality.

The exchange of CCD between two companies eliminates redundant tasks such as copying, scanning, phone calls and paperwork. With this partnership, the clinicians can electronically access patient records that enable quality health services comprising every detail at reduced costs.



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