Merry X-Ray Expands Its Ultrasound Service–Acquires Conquest Imaging

Merry X-Ray Expands Its Ultrasound Service–Acquires Conquest Imaging

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

San Diego, CA: Merry X-Ray Corporation (MXR) announced today the acquisition of Conquest Imaging, a California-based company. The acquisition of Conquest Imaging further complements the capabilities and products MXR is able to provide and supports MXR’s vision to sell, support and service any medical device in a healthcare facility. The addition of Conquest Imaging attains MXR industry expertise in:
• Ultrasound probe repair, replacement, and exchanges
• Parts repair (including multi-level board repair for multiple modalities)
• Hands-on technology training
• Portable ultrasound repair
• Expanded field service capabilities
MXR today is already one of the most cost-effective sales organizations in healthcare and is considered one of the best 3rd party service providers. MXR typically provides pricing 20% under the OEM’s while maintaining and/or surpassing OEM quality standards. The addition of Conquest Imaging will allow MXR to further increase savings for healthcare facilities by decreasing parts and service costs.
“We are thrilled to add Conquests capabilities to our portfolio of products,” states Ted J. Sloan, President of Merry X-Ray Corporation. “This continues our momentum in offering top level service and support for all diagnostic imaging systems”.

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