NCSP Comes Up with Interprofessional Training Opportunity for...

NCSP Comes Up with Interprofessional Training Opportunity for Medical Practitioners

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA: UCLA and the three research universities (University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University) launched National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) as a move to educate nurses and physicians to serve- leaders, researchers, and change agents in healthcare, community health and public policy. In addition, they are entering into an educational  partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The partnership allows the next generation leaders and change agents to understand and improve the health of veterans, and of the nation. In Los Angeles, NSCP works with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. Partners at each institution works directly with a scholar to recognize and develop projects that solve current, real-world problems and to get inspired on the skills of the scholar.

The fellowship provides two years of post-residency research, education, and clinical learning opportunities to eligible physicians and nurses. The program not only provides the opportunity for VA-funded Scholars to practice clinically at local VA medical centers , but also engage local and national VA faculty and administration officials in support of program objectives. Also, it will receive advice regarding VA priorities and career opportunities within VA.

Since RWJF has ended several human capital programs, including Clinical Scholars Program for physicians and Nurse Faculty and Executive Programs, NCSP will be a consolation for those people who lost services from RWJF. “The National Clinician Scholars Program enthusiastically builds on the successful 40-year partnership with the VA to now enhance our collaborative leadership and research training program by joining forces with a broad array of private and public Southern California  partners to create the UCLA–Southern California Clinician Leaders Program,” says Dr. Carol Mangione, Co-Director, RWJF Clinical Scholars Program and of the UCLA–Southern California Clinician Leaders Program.

According to Linda Sarna, Program Director, UCLA NCSP and Interim Dean, UCLA School of Nursing, “Interdisciplinary collaboration among health care providers is critical to the future of quality health care and nurses are central to these efforts.” The program acts as an aid for nurses and physicians to work together to address the critical health care challenges and promote positive patient outcomes in the health communities.

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