New Solutions by Impinj and its Partners Improves Healthcare

New Solutions by Impinj and its Partners Improves Healthcare

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SEATTLE, WA: RAIN RFID solutions provider, Impinj, announces new technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Built on the Impinj platform, the company now offers four new solutions that are developed in collaboration with the other healthcare technology solutions companies including Conexus, DeRoyal, ARC Healthcare Technologies, and VUEMED. Driving operational efficiency and asset management, the new solutions enable healthcare organizations to deliver better patient care.

Impinj brings ‘Item Intelligence’ to healthcare where items such as medical supplies and devices as well as surgical instruments can be tracked for their identity, location, and authenticity. The tag chips built with a unique identifier and software combination helps in identifying the items in real time. The wireless technology is leveraged to offer solutions that include:

Healthcare Asset Management & Optimization, by Conexus, provides real-time information regarding medical equipment location, status, availability, usage history, and even automatic alerts if equipment is removed from premises.

Hospital Supply Usage Tracking, this solution is developed by DeRoyal that automatically captures data about supplies that are consumed during surgical procedures and integrates the data with inventory, billing and surgical information systems.

Hospital Inventory Management, developed by ARC Healthcare Technologies, continuously tracks medical supplies within a hospital and individual supply cabinets.

Medical Supply and Device Tracking, developed by VUEMED, gives a high level of visibility of status, availability, and usage of clinical supplies and devices to ensures accurate clinical documentation at the point of care.

Fundamental shifts are witnessed in the Healthcare domain to streamline operational processes, and improve patient outcomes. This new development to improve healthcare efficiencies would benefit clients with cost savings, new efficiencies, and better patient care. The presence of tag chips in the platform comprises of unique identifier that gets attached to items, readers, and gateways to identify the items in real-time.

The Healthcare Asset Management and Optimization solution is developed by Conexus, it provides with real-time information including medical equipment location and availability. Another solution added to this platform is the Hospital Supply Usage Tracking, by DeRoyal which automatically captures data about supplies that are consumed during surgical procedures in addition to streamlining the supply management chain.

“Impinj provides the most comprehensive and widely deployed RAIN RFID platform, wirelessly connecting billions of items every year. The Impinj Platform delivers the unique identity, location, and authenticity of items, known as Item Intelligence,” notes Eric Brodersen, Impinj President and COO.

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