Point-of-Origin Diagnostic Rises to Fight Pathogens

Point-of-Origin Diagnostic Rises to Fight Pathogens

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

Pathogenic microorganisms such as fungus and bacteria have become the biggest threat for humans, animals and plant life. They disrupt the normal physiology of multicellular as well as unicellular organisms. Some of these pathogens are deadly and have caused massive causalities. Though social advances such as hygiene, food safety, and water treatment and medical advances such as vaccination, fungicide, and antibiotics have been safeguarding against infection, pathogens are continued to be an emerging threat for human and plants lives. With the growing resistance, global trade, population, and increasing mobility the need for easy, quick, and simple diagnostic procedures at the initial stages has increased, and it is essential to prevent proliferation at earliest possible stages.

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A Swiss diagnostic startup, NEMIS Technologies Ltd. founded in 2018 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, diagnostics, scientists, medical and food business professionals, has been developing diagnostic kits and solutions for accelerated microbiological detection in hospital and clinical applications, water treatment, and food safety with the potential to set new market standards and has recently closed its 2018 seed financing round of CHF 3 million. The core technology of NEMIS, AquaSpark enables highly specific, easy-to-handle, faster, efficacious, and cost-efficient diagnostic tests. The point-of-origin diagnostic needs are rapidly growing in the medical diagnostic, food industry, and water treatment; NEMIS is using its technology to cater to these needs and reduce safety risks.

The company has already achieved several functional proofs-of-concept and enabled rapid prototype development with low technology risks. The company is working with partners such as BIOSYNTH, RAMOT, and ZHAW and now looking forward to new investments from experienced players from industry to advance their technology to prototypes and toward industrialization.

The critical component of food safety programs is microbial testing to ensure food safety. Neogen, a company that provides food safety products and services has designed products that help producers to verify whether a sample is pathogen free or not quickly and easily. These easy to use and rapid test kits quickly verify bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella present in food. Government organizations and third-party agencies around the globe have validated these tests. The products for rapid microbiological testing are changing the ways of doing business by providing companies a means to create a valid certificate of analysis in less than 48 hours. These products deliver view into product quality, processing environment, cleansing, and information related to sanitization. Hence, companies are working on developing products for diagnostic kits and solutions for pathogen detection at early stages with the advancement in technology to reduce the risk of life-threatening pathogens.    

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