RFID-enabled Visitor Badges Eases Patient Registration and...

RFID-enabled Visitor Badges Eases Patient Registration and Documentation of Health Records

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

BALTIMORE, MD: Barcoding, the supply chain solutions provider partners with Better Day Health, web-based health management system to build a solution that improves overall patient experience in clinical settings. The latter company’s applications use different technologies like RFID, voice recognition and web-based mobile and cloud technologies to automate the Electronic Health Records (EHR) documentation, to streamline patient check-in and registration, and to track the flow of patients and staff throughout the clinic.

The solution enables healthcare organizations to reduce operational costs and be more profitable with improved customer experience as well as patient-physician interaction.

At the time of check-in, the patient is given an RFID-enabled visitor badge that connects the patient with their critical information and EHR. The RFID-reader in the exam room triggers hands-free authentication, login, and data collection via Better Day Health’s patient charting app on the provider’s mobile device.  The physician chooses a one from the potential diagnoses recommended by the app using passive voice recognition technology, followed by the selection of appropriate billing code and documenting the visit with the EHR. The app considerably reduces the time spent by a physician on each patient.

“Barcoding has provided us with the technology needed to bring our vision to life by partnering with Better Day Health to create an intelligent, automated, hands-free experience in the exam room. In conjunction with Better Day, Barcoding will help doctors have more meaningful interactions with more patients, in less time, and without all of the burdensome data entry,” says Peter Ragusa, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Day Health.

Barcoding’s asset tracking software, ‘RFID RealView’ when used in conjunction with the app, enables to determine wait times, staff availability, patient location and more. This data enables the clinics to improve their services and offer better patient experience.

Shane Snyder, President, Barcoding states, “Although the technology behind Better Day Health’s RFID solution isn’t new, the way the company is using it is extremely innovative and unique. This goes to show the importance of selecting and integrating the right pieces of technology in order to create a solution that can maximize an organization’s efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.”

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