Samsung WS80A Introduced with Elite Performance Package

Samsung WS80A Introduced with Elite Performance Package

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA: Samsung Electronics America, announces, Samsung WS80A—a women’s ultrasound machine, with Elite performance package for exceptional workflows and deliver exceptional image clarity. This HD system will now provide enhanced diagnostic capabilities and expanded 5D features – including a new 5D Heart application.

Doug Ryan, Group Vice President for Health and Medical Equipment at Samsung Electronics America says that they are ready to embrace the next big thing in the healthcare sector which is the ultra sound technology. “The Samsung WS80A with Elite performance package incorporates Samsung's latest innovations, including an expanded set of 5D workflow applications, to continue our promise of delivering fast, easy and accurate diagnosis for healthcare providers and their patients.”

The high image quality is delivered with the help of convex 3D S-Vue Transducer technology, that offers broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity, higher performance, in a smaller, lighter and more comfortable design for imaging sonologists. It supports a -inch wide LED screen with vibrant color representation and viewing of ultrasound images.

The Samsung WS80A with Elite’s 5D Heart tool generates nine standard fetal cardiac views simultaneously in a single template, offering an intuitive workflow that can simplify examination of the fetal heart and improve reproducibility. 5D workflow refers to semi-automated identification of specific diagnostic image planes and measurements from a volume data set. The WS80A with Elite performance package integrates:

  • 5D Heart – An innovative application designed to simultaneously display nine standard fetal cardiac views by applying intelligent navigation technology to volume datasets of the fetal heart.
  • 5D CNS (Central Nervous System) – Displays six measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, Cerebellum, Posterior Fossa, Atria lateral ventricle) from three transverse views generated from a single volume of the fetal brain to enhance measurement reproducibility and streamline workflow.
  • 5D Follicle – Identifies and measures multiple ovarian follicles for rapid assessment of follicular size and status during gynecology examinations.

“Utilizing Fetal Intelligent Navigation Echocardiography (FINE), 5D Heart can help improve the performance of fetal echocardiography by shortening the examination time, providing the nine standard cardiac planes which are necessary to examine the fetal heart thoroughly,” explains Dr. Lami Yeo, Associate Professor and Director of Fetal Cardiology at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Wayne State University’s School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.

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