TansFirst and PatientPay Partner to Create a Seamless Online...

TansFirst and PatientPay Partner to Create a Seamless Online Payment Experience

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

HAUPPAUGE, NY: TransFirst, a provider of electronic transaction processing services signs a strategic sales partnership with PatientPay, an online practice management and payment technology for healthcare practices. TransFirst will provide payment processing solutions that will combine with the PCI-compliant PatientPay technology to create a seamless online payment experience.

In order to collect the increasing amount of payments for which their patients are responsible, medical practitioners must spend increasing amounts of time and money to avoid write-offs. The consolidated payment solution will make it more convenient for patients to pay their providers as it will offer the option of paying online for medical services with major credit and debit cards at multiple points of service. Patients can pay whole balances or set up recurring and scheduled payment plans. Payments are automatically deducted from their credit or debit card accounts.

PatientPay is a secure, cloud-based service that drives down expense by eliminating the labor-intensive and error-prone manual, back-end effort to process paper bills or payments made on traditional online portals.

In 2012 PatientPay was granted three patents for its innovative process that underpins the PatientPay service and permits 'Instant Integration' with all popular physician management and billing systems.

"The changes that are happening in the way providers are reimbursed means it is absolutely critical that they find effective ways to collect more of what their patients owe. Our collaboration with PatientPay will give providers a valuable solution that can make a tangible difference in their receivables," says Carl Mazzola, President of TransFirst's Health and Public Services division.

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