The Top Priorities of IT leaders in Healthcare Arena

The Top Priorities of IT leaders in Healthcare Arena

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, April 12, 2019

According to CHIME and LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ report, the top priorities of chief information officers in the healthcare arena are interoperability, cybersecurity, data governance, and patient trust. Healthcare executives are more concerned about retaining patient trust than adhering to regulations. And, the report found that the priority of the security leader varied based on the maturity levels of EHR implementation within the organization. The organizations, which are in the early stage of upgrades and adoption are primarily concerned with interoperability and cybersecurity.

The report found that it is necessary to protect patient data. Also, the organizations rely on multiple security methods such as biometrics, one-time passwords, and knowledge-based authentication to focus on infrastructure vulnerabilities. Moreover, numerous access points pose a real challenge because they necessitate daily monitoring and each access point must be secured.

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The healthcare information exchange infrastructure and established data input were primarily associated with patient/provider directories and data governance. In particular, the survey understood the ineffectiveness of a siloed approach to governance. Instead, it could learn an enterprise-wide approach with considerable input from quality assurance and information management.

For the security leaders who currently work with the mature phase of EHR deployment, patient engagement and data analytics were on the top priority. This is why because the organizations are mainly concerned with gathering patient insight with developing a strategic initiative for engaging patients in their care.

From this survey, it is evident that how healthcare chief officers approached every challenge from different levels of EHR integration: starting from ensuring the accuracy of patient data, protecting, and sharing in a useful way to collaborate across the department to distribute personalized and high-quality care to engage the patients. 

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