Vital Impacts of AI in Healthcare

Vital Impacts of AI in Healthcare

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, December 04, 2020

AI in HealthcareHealthcare providers need to assess their distinctive role or contribution to scaling AI in healthcare.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare is one of the major success stories of current times. Healthcare has improved rapidly, raising life expectancy, but as longevity increases, healthcare systems face a growing demand for their services, increasing costs, and a workforce that is struggling to meet the demands of its patients. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in transforming how healthcare is delivered. This can help support improvements in patient experience, care outcomes, and access to healthcare services. It can also increase productivity and the efficiency of care delivery and enable healthcare systems to offer more and better care to people.  Read on to know more.


AI today is the top-of-mind for healthcare decision-makers, governments, investors, and innovators. An increasing number of agencies have set out aspirations for AI in healthcare, and many are investing heavily in AI-related research. The private sector continues to play a key role, with venture capital (VC) funding for the top firms in healthcare-related AI engaging with the nascent AI healthcare ecosystem. This will all need bringing new activities and skills into the sector, and it will change healthcare education—shifting the focus from memorizing facts and moving to innovation.

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The biggest leap needs to embed digital and AI skills within healthcare organizations for physicians to change the nature of consultations and for

 all frontline staff to integrate AI into their workflow. This is a vital change in organizational culture and capabilities and one that will necessitate action from practitioners, organizations, and systems all working together. Institutions will have to develop teams with knowledge in partnering with, procuring, and deploying AI products that have been developed or pioneered by several institutions.

The steps made in the field of AI in healthcare have been momentous. Moving to a world in which AI can offer significant, consistent, and global enhancements in care will be more challenging. AI is not a panacea for healthcare systems, and this comes with certain conditions. Healthcare needs to take stock of capabilities, level of digitization, availability, and quality of data, resources, and skills and then determine their level of requirement for AI as it fits with their strategic objectives.

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