What is Omnichannel Patient Engagement?

What is Omnichannel Patient Engagement?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, December 06, 2021

It will be critical to consider how patient engagement tools integrate into an omnichannel strategy as healthcare firms continue to respond to healthcare consumerism.

FREMONT, CA: The growth of the health IT industry, along with an increasing preference among consumers for more healthcare consumerism, has forced omnichannel patient engagement solutions into the spotlight.

The phrase omnichannel engagement comes from the sales world, where organizations promise a streamlined shopping experience for their customers. Consumers can join the shopping experience from numerous platforms without hassle or disruption by using various tools that are all interconnected to one another.

That convenient model is reflected in omnichannel patient engagement technology and approaches but implements it to the patient experience. Healthcare businesses can address the expanding needs of healthcare consumerism by providing patients with a consistent route throughout patient experience and treatment.


Given the track record of omnichannel involvement in sales, it's no wonder that the advent of healthcare consumerism has introduced these methods into the industry. The term "healthcare consumerism" relates to the patient's changing position in the medical sector.

The patients see themselves as providers for their care as out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and health insurer deductibles have increased. The patient's connection with their treatment is also shifting as a result of the new role. In other words, they want access to healthcare like they have in other service sectors such as airlines or hotels.

Patients desire good customer service, healthcare price transparency, the opportunity to shop for care, and, most crucially, the capacity to communicate with their physicians suitably.

As a result, more companies realize the importance of omnichannel patient engagement technologies. Institutions may help patients throughout their treatment journey by integrating their health IT infrastructure.


Even though the idea of omnichannel patient engagement technology solutions is still in its early stages, several technologies are used by all providers. These technologies go further than the more typical patient interaction tools, such as the patient portal or open clinical notes, which are helpful.

Instead, omnichannel patient engagement solutions offer patients a variety of ways to communicate with physicians, whether for obtaining care, interaction, or patient education. Artificial intelligence chatbots, chronic disease self-management tools, comparison shopping, digital patient intake, and various other technologies are used in omnichannel patient engagement.

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