Why are Sleep Trackers Best to Measure Sleep?

Why are Sleep Trackers Best to Measure Sleep?

By Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 30, 2019

In today’s fast-paced life, getting a proper amount of sleep is essential to stay healthy, and to achieve this goal, digital health options are extensively used. Consumers are using sleep trackers and various smartphone applications to calculate and monitor their sleeping hours. People with sleeping problems can also use these devices to measure different sleeping parameters and show the results to their doctors for better benefits.

There are various types of sleep tracking technologies available in the market. The features of the devices may vary from each other, but most of them have standard capabilities. Some of the conventional skills of these sleep trackers are given below.

• Sleep Duration- The device can track the time when someone is inactive. The device will record the time when a person falls asleep and when they stir in the morning.

• Sleep Quality- Trackers can detect interrupted sleep. It will let someone know when they toss and turn or wake during the night.

• Sleep Phases- Some of the tracking devices can also track the phases of sleep.

• Environmental factors- Some of the gadget can also record various ecological factors in a room such as the temperature of the bedroom or amount of light.

• Lifestyle Factors- Some trackers will even prompt to enter information regarding the activities that can affect sleep, such as the amount of caffeine taken or the range of stress level.

The common types of sleep tracking technologies are as follows.

1. Wrist Wearable

The most common type of sleep tracking device is the one which can be worn on your wrist. The typical features of a wrist wearable device are silent alarms, sleep insight reports, sleep stage tracking, and sleep insight reports.

2. Rings

All sleep trackers are not to be worn on the wrist; some are also available in the form of a ring. The ring has a sensor in it that can measure blood volume pulse, and even detect movement. There are also rings which can train, which will help the body to sleep faster.

Many people have occasional bad nights, but some have inadequate sleep regularly and do not feel refreshed in the morning. It is essential to fall asleep at a proper time for our body system to work properly, and these sleep tracking devices are helping to achieve that.

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