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Why AI is the new frontier in healthcare?
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Simon Lin, MD, MBA, Chief Research Information Officer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

As shown on the cover page of the June 2017 issue of Newsweek, Silicon Valley thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cure our sick health care system . Really? As a CIO and MD scientist, I see hypes as well as hopes. AI is becoming the...

Sharepoint's Business Value And Evolution To Team Sites
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Jason “JD” Duigou, CIO, Medxcel Facilities Management

SharePoint On-Premises For more than a decade, many companies have adopted a SharePoint on premises solution to meet various functional uses. Common uses range from basic web-enabled file sharing to corporate intranet with sites and sub-sites....

The Dawn of Agile Development
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William H. Morris, Associate CIO, Cleveland Clinic

How has your software testing operating model changed during the last five years? Founded in 2011, Cleveland Clinic’s Clinical Solutions Center (CSC), comprised of clinicians, software developers and analysts, works closely with clinical...

Information Technology and the New Challenges of Healthcare
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Kris Zierolf, Director, IT Revenue Cycle, Renown Health

Government regulation, changing customer demand, and technological advances are redefining what it means to provide quality healthcare; and IT is being required to fill the dual role of customer service and steward of technology infrastructure. As...

On-Premise versus Cloud: The Better Option
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

The convergence of several factors recently helped us integrate a larger infrastructure presence in “the cloud” into our IT strategy. This year we recruited two nationally recognized Genomics researchers and their teams. At their...

Location, Location, Location: The Geospatial Imperative for Better Health Care
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John Showalter, CHIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Do you know what Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have in common? They both used over 150,000 data points per census block (neighborhood) to try to get your vote. Political campaigns have been collecting data about you for years, even...

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain
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Andrea Fiumicelli, Vice President and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing a wholesale transformation. In every corner of the world, healthcare and life sciences companies — which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers —face...

Lessons in Change
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Wayne Kubick, CTO, Health Level Seven International

Coming to the expansive and hyper-dynamic world of healthcare informatics from a similar role in the much smaller domain of pharmaceutical clinical research has led me to adjust my modus operandi. As a 30-year-old ANSI-accredited standards...

Building a New Vision for IT Talent Management in a Consumer-centric Era
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Steve Betts, CIO, Health Care Service Corporation

Nearly every industry is undergoing some rapid change driven by the evolution of consumer demands and expectations. How organizations adapt will separate the leaders from the laggards. Operating environments have become more complex, and it is...

Avoiding the Ransom Note
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Ferdinand Feola, CIO, Pocono Medical Center

Our hospital’s commitment to its mission of providing excellent care, close to home has always been our primary focus.  Our technology investments have been strategically aligned with the types of care we want to deliver, the...

Embracing Change: The Healthcare Industry Focuses on Latest Progress Drivers
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Aaron Miri, CIO, Walnut Hill Medical Center

Challenges in the Current Industry and Solutions From Walnut Hill’s hospital of the future perspective, our biggest challenge is ensuring that technology is consistently agile and patient centric enough to enable our clinicians to...

Clinical Transformation Trek: The Journey
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Roni H. Amiel, Founder & CTO, Pinscriptive

The pace of change for health care providers is overwhelming at best. In today’s world of collaborative medicine and mobility, access to actionable, integrated clinical information and applications, regardless of location or device, is a...

Cybersecurity - A Proactive Approach to Securing Information
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Chad Wilson, Director, IT Security, Children's National Health System

An ideal healthcare system involves open doors, where no patients are denied admission or treatment. An ideal healthcarecybersecurity system, however, requires a closed-door setup with maximum securityto protect the confidential business and...

Big Data Challenges? Follow the Metrics
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Jessica Lan, Healthcare Expert, PA Consulting Group

Instead of the traditional path of Big Data programs leading to insightful metrics in healthcare, use insightful metrics to lead Big Data programs. The promises of Big Data initiatives and the value they can bring to a healthcare organization...

Sustainable Development for the Healthcare Industry
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Aaron Miri, CIO, Walnut Hill Medical Center

Technological Trends First are mobility and the continued consumer demand for instant and rapid results. My four year old daughter expects all technology to respond to her as easily and rapidly as her Apple iPad does. So we know that the...

Digital business Transforms Organization's Application Development Approach
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FREMONT, CA: “IT isn’t just a part of the business – it is the business” says Brian Prentice, Research VP, Gartner in an interview. He shines light on the evolution of the digital business and its repercussions on the app...

IT and the Changing Healthcare Front
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Doris Peek, CIO, Broward Health

The past few years have seen many changes in the healthcare industry, including new business models such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The fundamental aim of an ACO is to create a coordinated care process across the patient...

PAR Excellence Systems: 'Smart' Inventories Keep Caregivers Focused on Care
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Thad Mac Krell, CEO

PAR Excellence Systems provides an innovative weight-based inventory management system for healthcare faculties. The innovator in the point-of-use industry, PAR Excellence Systems aims to deliver affordable and innovative solutions to help the...

BEGO: At the Vanguard of Digital Dental Technology
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Axel Klarmeyer, President and Frederick Horstkotte, COO, BEGO USA

BEGO provides dental labs with Varseo S, a unique 3-D printing system, that delivers flexible, accurate, and cost-effective dental fabrication and restoration

HealthmarkIT Consulting:
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Jeff Urban, COO

Provides high quality and cost-effective IT consulting solutions for healthcare providers

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