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AI tools for Tackling liver Diseases
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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to redesign the healthcare industry. It helps medical professionals in designing treatment plans and identifying the best method for every patient. There are already great examples of its use in the...

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Dynamic Rebar for Radiology
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The application of radiology is growing in tandem with scope for medical treatment. Though medical practitioners apply various techniques to understand the severity of any disease, radiology has been at the forefront of medical imaging techniques...

Impact of AI and big data in healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence and big data are already being used in the healthcare sector. Cognitive computer systems, radiological diagnostics, surgical robots, and other robotic based systems are fields of application of big data and AI. Healthcare...

Manifesting 'AI Utopia' in Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare industry is always receptive to technological innovations because it deals with a huge amount of data on daily basis. Medical histories, patient information, clinical studies, diagnostic results, hospital billing are the few data...

Healthcare Enhanced with AI
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The healthcare landscape is fast growing today. This growth has brought about a significant amount of medical data overburdening the medical centers. This, therefore, acts as a stimulus for pharmaceutical companies to start adopting AI technology...

AI Application in Dentistry and Its Benefits
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Digitization is seeping in every industry and healthcare sector has also seen extensive changes. Health records, high-resolution digital imaging, and virtual patient visits are some of the advantages of digitization. Dentistry has also been...

Big Data Analytics: A New Edge for Successful Patient Care
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Today, big data analytics in the healthcare industry is the backbone of healthcare organizations. Digitization has changed the healthcare industry, and the way healthcare organizations provide care. Big data analytics is also helping organizations...

The Inevitable AI revolution in the Healthcare Technology
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to seep into Healthcare Industry. Healthcare organizations are generating and collecting enormous amounts of data and the conditions are ripe for AI to change the industry forever. Researches are being done by...

Creating Satisfactory Healthcare Communication: Here's How
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Healthcare Technology and IoMT (Internet of Medical Thing) are unquestionably creating a new revolution in the world of medicine, promising a better future and a longer lifespan. Health services organizations today require technologies that will...

Desire, Data and Doubt
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Daniel Morreale, VP and CIO, Hunterdon Healthcare

It is funny how seemingly incongruous events can converge and bring about aha experience. You know aha experiences. Those funny little brain burps when synapse cascade and create new meaning, solve problems and lead, if we are lucky, to new...

WEDI Announces Agenda for National Conference 2018
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WASHINGTON, DC — The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in healthcare information exchange and a statutory advisor to the U.S....

Leadership and the Digital Journey
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Leslie Clonch, VP & CIO, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

I have the privilege of serving as part of an outstanding organization and team at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1921 by a group of Texas Masons, Scottish Rite Hospital is a world-renowned leader in...

The Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Healthcare Technology Market. Buckle Up!
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Dr. Luis Saldana, Chief Medical Information Officer, Texas Health Resources

As a world, we are caught up in an exciting period of rapid technological advances and innovations. And healthcare is similarly in a period of rapid innovation and technological advances. So how do these two trends merge or connect? Does every...

Improving Healthcare Facilities with AI
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in healthcare as it can advance research and provide increasingly specialized treatment to patients. This includes the following: • Bringing in the Change IBM Watson cognitive...

Health IT Infrastructure Necessities for AI Cybersecurity
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With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) becoming extremely popular across various industries, the healthcare organizations have also understood the prospective of these technologies. The healthcare sector has realized that AI...

Can We Look Beyond the Phones, Please?
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Praseed Thapparambil, CIO, NABP

It is upgrade season for smart phones as new versions start piling in and along with them the various critiques and reviews. Today’s innovations invariably land on smart phones due to its ubiquity. Innovations have been instrumental in...

Artificial Intelligence Making Headways in Healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence when appropriately utilized has the power to enhance any business. When it comes to healthcare, transforming data into useful information can reduce cost, enhance patient’s health and provide employee satisfaction. On...

Fortifying Healthcare with AI and Cybersecurity
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly enhanced healthcare by deploying machine learning to facilitate advanced medical procedures and operations. Cutting-edge medical functions are now available at the fingertips of care providers,...

Transforming Healthcare with AI and IoT
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the novel trending topics of the market which are set to bring revolution to the industries across the globe. Even though healthcare is late in the race of implementing these new...

Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence
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From autonomous cars to Siri and Alexa, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a massive potential to disrupt the existing business paradigm for better results. AI has reached a critical upturn point, which will further augment and extend virtually...

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