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Big Data & AI Driven Healthcare Transformation
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Frank Wang, System VP, IDN Decision Support Analytics, Health First, Inc.

The healthcare industry has been facing challenges, specifically in the areas of cost, quality, and accessibility for decades. The problem-focused approaches have created some improvements, but they still leave a multitude of opportunities to...

Leveraging Digital Health to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes
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Miguel Louzan, VP-IT, UCB, Inc.

The signs of the digital health explosion are all around us. It seems that every day we hear about a new concept being tried, a new mobile application or social media tool targeting patients, doctors and various other stakeholders. For smartphone...

Insilico Medicine Reinforces Drug Retargeting for Anti Aging
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FREMONT, CA: The rapid increase in diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis calls for drugs or treatments that can effectively cure them. To fulfill this motive, Insilico Medicine, a bioinformatics company, uses GPU...

OBS Medical: Aggregating Patient Information into a Single Actionable Index
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Peter Leyland, CEO

Provider of patient safety software that helps clinicians to reduce the number of unexpected and avoidable deaths through simplification, risk identification and prevention

IMAT Solutions: Breakthrough in Healthcare Analytics
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Kurt Garbe, CEO

IMAT Solutions provides fast and reliable medical data for search and analytics solutions.

GNS Healthcare: Delivering Personalized Healthcare using Big Data Analytics
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Colin Hill, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

A big data analytics company that empowers payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies to make intelligent data-driven decisions.

Quammen Health Care Consultants: A Consultative Approach to EHR Optimization
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Dr. Robecca Quammen, CEO

A full-service healthcare information system and business consulting firm offering strategic, advisory, management, and product solutions supporting a gamut of healthcare initiatives...

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