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Big Data Analytics: A New Edge for Successful Patient Care
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Today, big data analytics in the healthcare industry is the backbone of healthcare organizations. Digitization has changed the healthcare industry, and the way healthcare organizations provide care. Big data analytics is also helping organizations...

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - at the betterment of taking care of patients
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As technologies today are integral part of our everyday life medical industry cannot constraint itself from the rising waves of the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. AI and robotics are advancing the future of the medical industry because...

The Future of Healthcare with Big Data
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The healthcare sector is developing fast, increasing both its reach and challenges. With an increased patient-doctor proportion, organizations must find a method to tackle the disordered condition—a better management tool to manage the...

"Developing in house solutions vs. 3rd party?"
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Robert D. Budman, MD MBA CDI-P, CMIO, Piedmont Healthcare

All too often leaders in various roles want to implement new software programs for a wide range of uses. This could be anywhere from new clinical workflows all the way up to complex reporting and analytics solutions. The question often comes up do...

Increasing IT Reliability Through Cloud Deployment
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George Suda, CIO, Smile Brands

If you ask most dentists what led them to their career, the likely answers include: the satisfaction of providing care to those in need; new advances in dentistry; or even, more candidly, that it’s a well-paying job. What you’re...

Fulfilling the Promises of Health Information Technology: Expect to Maximize Positive Patient Care Outcomes, Advance Analytics and Innovate Research with Tele-Healthcare Application
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Donna Lee Armaignac, Director Best Practice, Baptist Health South Florida

The challenges to healthcare delivery today are surpassing conceivable solutions. Increasing number and severity of patients exist with concomitant decreased supply of and access to care specialists. Higher acuity patients that were formerly cared...

A Rapid Healthcare Movement with AI and IoT
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The advanced technologies in the healthcare sector have paved a way across the spectrum for various developments. The greatest benefit is in the frontline delivery of emergency. Healthcare providers are the most prolific generators of data, from...

Orthodontics And Technology
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Kirt E. Simmons, Orthodontic Director, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

When the parents of most current school-age children had their “braces,” it was a very different world of orthodontics. Technology, as it has in so many other fields, especially in healthcare, has had a big impact on the...

Efficient Healthcare with Voice
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Voice recognition technology is not a new term to the current world as it has already stepped into various industries like automotive, aerospace, transportation, law, and healthcare. However, healthcare is one of the few industries that have a...

Blockchain for a Better Healthcare: Here's How
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Blockchain technology has created a huge impact on the healthcare industry forcing its transformation. Blockchain technology is being leveraged in different sectors that are related to information technology and AI. According to the industry needs...

Advanced Healthcare Solutions through IoT
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IoT is making a possible new generation of medical solutions that significantly boost the core value proposition for healthcare sectors, and thus attract new partners and clients. Previously, medical device connectivity market was largely...

Advanced Data Analytics: A Roadmap towards Better Healthcare Solutions
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In recent years, healthcare systems are evolving to shift from manual processes to more digital workflows. Patients’ health histories are stored in online databases and retrieved at any place during a requirement to provide better medical...

The Impact of Healthcare AI Technology in Improving Patient Outcome
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Healthcare AI is making hype inside the industry by its ability in fetching information, process and concluding it without direct human input, that too faster and without making errors. Healthcare AI technology is used to analyze diseases or...

Opportunities AI Offers to Healthcare
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AI has made some key contributions to healthcare providers around the world. The hype to leverage machine-based learning in the landscape has recently emerged. There are some particular forms of computer intelligence to consider when thinking...

How to Create a Data-Driven Physician Engagement Strategy
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In the current healthcare scenario, the incessant attention of physicians is an imperative factor in order to drive improvement in the quality of care provided along with the increase in revenue. According to experts, physicians who remain engaged...

Five Ways Healthcare Industry Can Use Big data and Cloud Computing
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Healthcare industry is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate and so is the data associated with it. This data is collected through Electronic Health Records (EHRs), medical reports and patients as well. Hence this plethora of information needs...

The Inevitable AI revolution in the Healthcare Technology
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to seep into Healthcare Industry. Healthcare organizations are generating and collecting enormous amounts of data and the conditions are ripe for AI to change the industry forever. Researches are being done by...

Creating Satisfactory Healthcare Communication: Here's How
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Healthcare Technology and IoMT (Internet of Medical Thing) are unquestionably creating a new revolution in the world of medicine, promising a better future and a longer lifespan. Health services organizations today require technologies that will...

Digital Medicine: A Skill Set that Every New Age CIO Needs to Have
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Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH, Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Founder and Chair, NODE.Health

Two decades ago, a technological wave influenced healthcare IT, and fundamentally changed the role of CIOs. This wave—the advent of Electronic Health Records—brought with it a new paradigm, creating new CMIO positions as well as an...

Desire, Data and Doubt
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Daniel Morreale, VP and CIO, Hunterdon Healthcare

It is funny how seemingly incongruous events can converge and bring about aha experience. You know aha experiences. Those funny little brain burps when synapse cascade and create new meaning, solve problems and lead, if we are lucky, to new...

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