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Emerging Healthcare Security System to Thwart Fraudulent Email Attacks
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FREMONT, CA: As security threats emerge, organizations must account for different attack techniques to protect themselves against impending threats. Health institutions acknowledge cybersecurity to be a serious safety concern that is core to...

Leveraging Data Analytics for Implementing Cost-Effective Solutions
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Data is the backbone for the growth of businesses in this age of digital transformations. Companies are relying on data analytics to gain insights into their business processes and applications. These tools can aptly support in cost...

How AI and Big Data are Accelerating the Healthcare Industry
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One of the biggest beneficiaries of modern technology is the field of healthcare and with the emergence of AI and Big data in this sector; one can witness the ever-growing potentials of these technologies. They have a lot to offer in this field...

Curbing Healthcare Security Lapse
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A stranger snooping into or blocking your medical information is the utmost terrifying thing. Pop star Britney Spears’ breach of medical records in 2005 caused a media frenzy much like her music releases did back then. Medical workers were...

IT Disaster Recovery And Cybersecurity: Joining Forces For Resiliency
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Paul J. Dattoli, MS, CBCP, AMBCI, Program Director, IT Disaster Recovery, Lahey Health

Your Cybersecurity and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) programs must be closely aligned. Consider the two following questions that get to the heart of the matter: • If your systems get breached, what will you do? • If your systems get...