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How AI & IoT Can Solve Mental Health Issues
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The combination of AI and IoT can bridge the gap between healthcare personal and patient despite the distance. FREMONT, CA: IoT- and AI-based devices are conjointly creating forays on the path of tumbling the challenges to eliminate the...

Digital Transformation Drives Tailored Patient Engagement
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Todd Burstain, CMIO, Ochsner Health System

In the initial years of my career, I trained as a general internist. Since then; I have been in healthcare IT for 26 years now. I have been directly involved with EHR for the past 13 years and been the CMIO at Ochsner for the past three years....

Interoperability of Healthcare Data: No More Excuses
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Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

It was back in the 1960s when the introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems allowed a full clinical picture of an individual’s health data to be collated into one place. With the promise of improved care coordination from...

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health and Precision Medicine
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Dr Jessie Li, Global Head of Data Science, Jawbone Health

Anything that can be automated should be automated - if you believe in that, healthcare is probably the industry where automation driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) would truly make an impact, in terms of time,...

Championing the Health of the Individual
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David Liverseidge, Chief Information Officer, Nuffield Health

Effective patient engagement helps to deliver better patient care and ultimately drive better health outcomes; this is crucial to our strategy at Nuffield Health to build a healthier nation by “championing the health of the...

Blockchain Advances that Medical Officers Should Know About
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Blockchain technology employment remodels the mutual exchange methods of vital research and helpful healthcare data. This tool enables critical stakeholders like clinical researchers, pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare providers to gain...

Want to Know What Equipment your Pediatricians Use? Here it is
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Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems let healthcare providers create, store, access, and alter patient health records. Every time a patient visits a physician or hospital, the encounter is documented in the EHR. FREMONT, CA: To improve the...

AI and IoT Together Support Mental Health Issues
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IoT and AI technology can complement experts who struggle to improve their patients' mental well-being. FREMONT, CA: The emotional, psychological, and social health includes our mental health. It influences the way we think, feel, and act....

Role of Connected Health and Wearables in Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry
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Nowadays, IoT-enabled wearables play an essential part in the medical sector by providing patients with data that is vital for controlling their health results. FREMONT, CA: As technology progresses every day, healthcare providers offer...

Remote Patient Monitoring: Benefits and Challenges
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Remote patient surveillance guides health professionals about the safety of their patients between their visits and can notify them of alterations that require immediate care. FREMONT, CA: Instead of visiting a clinic or hospital, today, a...

Population Health Management is Transforming Healthcare
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The emergence of population health management is driving healthcare toward personalized and value-based care. FREMONT, CA: Population health management has been driven by technology ever since the healthcare sector implemented electronic...

Predictive Analytics is Transforming Healthcare
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In the spirit of advancing innovation and patient improvements, more healthcare organizations work with predictive analytics to anticipate requirements and drive value. FREMONT, CA: As healthcare organizations seek to enhance care, value, and...

Leveraging Technology for an Integrated Healthcare System
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Patty Lavely, Sr. Vice President and CIO, Gwinnett Medical Center

In the light of your experience, what are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the EMR/EHR space? One of the major challenges is around meeting the needs of all the stakeholders within the EHR. The stakeholders...

"Shortcomings of the Electronic Health Record in managing the work associated with care (ie. Tasks)."
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Michael Docktor, MD Co-Founder, Dock Health

The advent of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the government mandate of its use have brought positives and negatives to the delivery of healthcare and to those that provide it. On the positive side, patient records are easier to access,...

The New Saykara AI-powered Voice Assistant Can Reduce Physician Burnout
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Saykara, a Seattle headquartered start-up catering to the healthcare sector, has disclosed an ambient mode which can record critical clinical notes by listening to contextual clues. This AI-powered mode saves users from having to use a ‘wake...

Inovalon Launches EASE All-Payer to Enhance Data-Driven Healthcare
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By integrating the latest Cloud-based applications, hospitals, physician practices, and post-acute care facilities can enhance their payment processes. FREMONT, CA: Inovalon, a developer of cloud-based platforms for data-driven healthcare,...

Cybersecurity is Healthcare's "1 Financial Concern
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The price of violation in healthcare is very high per patient, which doesn't include company loss, productivity, and reputation, but has made cybersecurity the number one threat to the healthcare industry. FREMONT, CA: Cyberattacks...

AI-Driven Opportunities in Healthcare
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What sets AI technology apart from traditional healthcare systems is the capacity to obtain data, process it, and deliver a well-defined end-user output. FREMONT, CA: While artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of intense concern in...

Santovia and EBSCO Health Partner for a New Shared Decision Making Tool
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Fiona Calnan, CEO, Santovia

The partnership provides a functional way to brighten the medical relationship with Option Grid Decision Aid. FREMONT, CA: Santovia and EBSCO Health have entered into a partnership to ensure a platform for shared decision making with Option...

Cryptomining Supplants Ransomware as the Leading Cyber Threat in Healthcare
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Cryptomining malware not only utilizes vital system resources but also overheats the components and leads to system failures. FREMONT, CA – The rising popularity of cryptocurrency has spurred the proliferation of cryptocurrency...