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Interoperability of Healthcare Data: No More Excuses
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Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

It was back in the 1960s when the introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems allowed a full clinical picture of an individual’s health data to be collated into one place. With the promise of improved care coordination from...

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health and Precision Medicine
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Dr Jessie Li, Global Head of Data Science, Jawbone Health

Anything that can be automated should be automated - if you believe in that, healthcare is probably the industry where automation driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) would truly make an impact, in terms of time,...

Here's How to Boost Your Healthcare CEOs' Strategies
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New healthcare policies are uncertain and meant to repeal the old ones, and may pose challenges for the health system. FREMONT, CA: The health care policy of U.S. is still uncertain, but this health reform 2.0 could throw health systems a...

Population Health Management is Transforming Healthcare
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The emergence of population health management is driving healthcare toward personalized and value-based care. FREMONT, CA: Population health management has been driven by technology ever since the healthcare sector implemented electronic...

Technology in Oncology - Advancements and Challenges
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The incorporation of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling radiologists and oncologists to diagnose, detect, and design treatment plans for patients with cancer. FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry has undergone massive...

Leveraging Technology for an Integrated Healthcare System
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Patty Lavely, Sr. Vice President and CIO, Gwinnett Medical Center

In the light of your experience, what are the challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the EMR/EHR space? One of the major challenges is around meeting the needs of all the stakeholders within the EHR. The stakeholders...

"Shortcomings of the Electronic Health Record in managing the work associated with care (ie. Tasks)."
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Michael Docktor, MD Co-Founder, Dock Health

The advent of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the government mandate of its use have brought positives and negatives to the delivery of healthcare and to those that provide it. On the positive side, patient records are easier to access,...

AI-Driven Opportunities in Healthcare
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What sets AI technology apart from traditional healthcare systems is the capacity to obtain data, process it, and deliver a well-defined end-user output. FREMONT, CA: While artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of intense concern in...

New Tech Innovation Accelerating High-Quality and Accessible Global Healthcare Facilities
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James English, Vice President & General Manager

Strategic implementation of innovations results in effective and affordable healthcare operation for both organizations and patients.   FREMONT, CA: Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN) collaborates with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to...

AI: Eliminating Latency in the Detection of Kidney Failure
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With the integration of AI technology in kidney diagnosis, the world is just beginning to see the potential that AI holds for future therapeutics. FREMONT, CA: Each year, kidney failures kill more people than breast and prostate cancer....

5 Ways to Protect Health Organizations from Disaster
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Proper research and thorough preparation will assist medical professionals to remain focused during disasters. FREMONT, CA: Hospitals, health systems, and doctors are increasingly investing in tools, ensuring that they provide improved patient...

Taking Healthcare Cybersecurity Beyond Basic Compliance
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It is imperative for healthcare organizations to move forward from the basic security compliance toward securing crucial data and vulnerable systems. FREMONT, CA: Compliance is a leading concern in the healthcare landscape. The data...

Innovaccer: New ACO Solutions Platform Launched for Data Integration
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Abhinav Shashank, Co-Founder & CEO

To assist care organizations in gathering drilled down insights Innovacer provides a solution that helps the organizations to operate harmoniously. FREMONT, CA: Innovaccer, a leading San- Francisco based data activation company has launched its...

Kara 2.0 by Saykara Can Automate EHR Data Entry up to 100 Percent!
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The Kara 2.0 adds to the versatility of Saykara, enabling the AI healthcare assistant to automate up to 100 percent of all the manual EHR entry. FREMONT, CA: In the healthcare sector, physicians spend a significant amount of their time in...

Dynamic Influence of Technology In Medical Education
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Apart from empowering the medical study and learning for medical students, the latest developments in technology are building a new era of electronic healthcare and telemedicine with high medical ethics, quality care, and better patient-doctor...

5 Means to Enhance Healthcare's Preparedness against Adversities
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Health systems and the latest disasters raise the essentiality of robust and fully reliable security. The arena is now characterized by the demanded preparedness to make hospitals as ready as they can be. FREMONT, CA: Natural and...

Mobile Healthcare: Better Managing EHR, Coordinating Care
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The healthcare applications have become a boon to the physicians, nurses, and numerous other medical employees. The apps assist doctors in updating their patients' health status instantly, remotely, and accurately. FREMONT, CA: The mobile...

Trending Practices to Streamline Digital Health
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FREMONT, CA: High-end technologies have an essential role to play in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is struggling with some challenges which it can overcome by adopting precise digital solutions. The doctor to patient ratio is...

Big Data: A Big Brace for Healthcare!
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FREMONT, CA: Big data has become a phenomenon across all industries, and the healthcare sector is an opportunity for big data to unveil its data-driven capabilities. Hence, making healthcare processes proactive as well as aligned to meet the needs...

The 3 Ways Software is About to Eat Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman , Livongo

As someone who was at the forefront of creating software that would impact the way we deliver healthcare, I remember the resistance and doubt that accompanied the rise of e-prescribing and Electronic Health Records. Some physicians said they would...