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Health IT should move beyond EHRs
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New healthcare technologies are invented frequently which are transforming the very industry remarkably. As health-IT is booming hospitals health care providers should begin to apply the new technologies beyond the basics as electronic record...

The Digital Journey of Healthcare with EMR
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Healthcare in this digital era has shown a variety of changes in its area of providing medical care and continuously changing them as a result of the technological advancements. The emergence of electronic medical records (EMR) technology has...

AI- in protecting healthcare from cyber attacks and providing security
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As clinical data and records are vulnerable, health care organizations are going through major security concerns. The records of the patients are valued by hackers because it is historical in nature as personal, financial or geographical data of...

Fulfilling the Promises of Health Information Technology: Expect to Maximize Positive Patient Care Outcomes, Advance Analytics and Innovate Research with Tele-Healthcare Application
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Donna Lee Armaignac, Director Best Practice, Baptist Health South Florida

The challenges to healthcare delivery today are surpassing conceivable solutions. Increasing number and severity of patients exist with concomitant decreased supply of and access to care specialists. Higher acuity patients that were formerly cared...

A Rapid Healthcare Movement with AI and IoT
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The advanced technologies in the healthcare sector have paved a way across the spectrum for various developments. The greatest benefit is in the frontline delivery of emergency. Healthcare providers are the most prolific generators of data, from...

Opportunities of 3D Technologies in Medical Imaging
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  The evolution of 3D technology is creating various miracles in medical imaging. The images obtained through 3D medical imaging provide accurate information. 3D imaging gives the accessibility to new angles and resolutions of the images...

The Finesse your Medical Practice Management System Needs
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Susan Montz, Director, ACO Performance Improvement, Ochsner Health System

What are the current market trends you see shaping the Medical Practice Management Space? The current market trends that are framing the healthcare industry are: 1. Value-based contracts: the industry is moving towards a more...

Emerging Technology and Compliance Risk: What Every Compliance Officer Should Know
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Dawn Rock, Chief Compliance Officer, Encompass Health

Ask any compliance professional what keeps her awake at night, and you’ll inevitably hear, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Historically, that statement applied to undiscovered risks to the company that lurked just...

Strengthening HealthCare Supply Chain through Data Analytics
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The requirement of data analytics to enhance decision-making is still a pivotal topic for researchers in the healthcare supply chain. Deployment of a supply chain in the healthcare sector has gained tremendous advantages concerning spend...

The Impact of Healthcare AI Technology in Improving Patient Outcome
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Healthcare AI is making hype inside the industry by its ability in fetching information, process and concluding it without direct human input, that too faster and without making errors. Healthcare AI technology is used to analyze diseases or...

Opportunities AI Offers to Healthcare
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AI has made some key contributions to healthcare providers around the world. The hype to leverage machine-based learning in the landscape has recently emerged. There are some particular forms of computer intelligence to consider when thinking...

How to Create a Data-Driven Physician Engagement Strategy
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In the current healthcare scenario, the incessant attention of physicians is an imperative factor in order to drive improvement in the quality of care provided along with the increase in revenue. According to experts, physicians who remain engaged...

Five Ways Healthcare Industry Can Use Big data and Cloud Computing
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Healthcare industry is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate and so is the data associated with it. This data is collected through Electronic Health Records (EHRs), medical reports and patients as well. Hence this plethora of information needs...

The Inevitable AI revolution in the Healthcare Technology
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to seep into Healthcare Industry. Healthcare organizations are generating and collecting enormous amounts of data and the conditions are ripe for AI to change the industry forever. Researches are being done by...

Simulation and the Science of Learning from a 'Safe Mistake'
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Jeffrey Brady, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s the nature of being human. But in our line of work, mistakes can be deadly. The complex, high-risk nature of health care, like that of commercial aviation and oil and gas exploration and extraction, creates...

The Role of Simulation in Enhancing Healthcare Education
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Elizabeth Blodgett Horsley, Director of Simulation, The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Healthcare professionals of a certain age will recall that their early days of training generally took the form of the see one-do-one-teach-one mantra, shadowing a more experienced provider and hoping an interesting opportunity presented itself or...

Creating Satisfactory Healthcare Communication: Here's How
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Healthcare Technology and IoMT (Internet of Medical Thing) are unquestionably creating a new revolution in the world of medicine, promising a better future and a longer lifespan. Health services organizations today require technologies that will...

Will HIMSS 18 Mourn the Passing of the Traditional Office Visit?
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Donald Voltz, MD, Aultman Hospital Department of Anesthesiology

New requirements for implementing HIT systems are changing as new health IT priorities and procedures emerge. Convergence in the healthcare sector is accelerating the need for interoperability, not just for Electronic Health Records (EHR), but...

Start-ups and "Walled Gardens" of Healthcare IT
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Scott Taylor, Medical Director - Service Excellence, MultiCare Health System

In February 2018, I served on a panel at Cambia Grove in Seattle. This was part of a series for healthcare technology start-ups, discussing healthcare verticals. As a practicing emergency physician with MultiCare Health System, it was fascinating...

Value Demonstration in Healthcare Simulation: Linking Training to Performance
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Lisa T. Barker, Director of Education Division, Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center (Jump)

Simulation in Healthcare Since the unveiling of the first human patient simulator (“Sim One”) in 1967, the technologies engaged under the umbrella of healthcare simulation have advanced dramatically. 40 years later, there are a...

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