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EDCO Unveils Solarity 4.0 to Reduce Possibility of Mismatch Patients' Documents
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SAINT LOUIS, MO: EDCO Health Information Solutions – a provider of healthcare management solutions and services – announces the upgrade to its medical record scanning and indexing software, Solarity with reduction of error in filing...

DaVincian Utilizes OnRamp's Solution to Ensure HIPAA Compliance
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FREMONT, CA: Healthcare industry generates enormous sensitive data which need to be protected in an extremely secure location. Addressing this challenge, OnRamp, a data center operations company, releases the addition of DaVincian Healthcare as...

MedZed: Bringing Healthcare to Homes
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Neil A. Solomon, Co-Founder & CMO

Partners with health insurers to provide next-generation house calls to individuals with chronic conditions by combining its mobile network of Care Providers with its proprietary telemedicine solution

Ascent Health Solutions: Powering Comprehensive Gains across RCM
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Ajay Kapoor, Founder, Director & President and Rajat Kapoor, Founder, Director & CEO

Provider of state-of-the-art revenue cycle management and physician and patient engagement system, enhancing a healthcare provider’s bond with patients and cash flow

Identillect Technologies: Mastering the Art of Securing PHI
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Todd Sexton, Founder and CEO

Provider of Healthcare compliance solution that ensures the safety of PHI

Scrypt: Secure Management of Healthcare Documents
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Aleks Szymanski, CEO

Offers secure mobile solutions for exchanging healthcare documents

HIPAAsuite: The Experts in EDI Healthcare
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Martin Scholl, President

Created to provide HIPAA EDI solutions for organizations within the healthcare industry

HIPAA One: Creating a Data Haven for ePHI
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Steven Marco, Founder

Assisting healthcare community to improve patient care while remaining compliant with HIPAA

Compliancy Group: Achieving Compliance through Self Auditing
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Marc Haskelson, CEO

Enabling organizations to achieve, illustrate and maintain HIPAA compliance through a unified, easy to use and cost effective solution

Vaporstream: Compliant Healthcare Texting with Confidence
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Galina Datskovsky, CEO

An easy-to-use, secure, ephemeral messaging application that enables truly confidential communication in the healthcare sector

OnPage: Secure and Prioritized Messaging
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Judit Sharon, CEO

A secure, prioritized messaging solution that eliminates the need to carry a traditional pager

Advanced Data Systems: Offering an Integrated-Automated Approach to Healthcare Practice Management
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David Barzillai, President

Provides softwares for complete practice management for the health care industry

Intelerad Medical Systems, Inc.: Seamlessly Bridging the Imaging Ecosystem
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Randall I. Oka, President & CEO

Provides imaging and work-flow solutions for diagnosis and communication of radiology results to hospitals

SurDoc: Cloud-Based Storage Platform for Securing Medical Data
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Brian Krallis, VP Sales

Provider of industry leading cloud storage and security solution for real-time access of medical data while maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Vee Technologies: Customizable RCM Systems for the Heath-care
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CV. Chockalingam, CEO & MD

A global strategic services company, providing specialized RCM solutions in Healthcare domain

Compliatric: Unified Solutions to Ensure Compliance
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David Monaghan, Founder

A healthcare GRC solution provider that provides its numerous integrated compliance modules via a single SaaS based platform

HIPAA One: Software for Minimizing ePHI Breaches
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Steven Marco, Founder

Provider of HIPAA Security & Privacy Analysis software

SecurityMetrics: Integrated Risk Analysis To Meet Healthcare Compliance
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Brad Caldwell, Founder & CEO

Provider and innovator in compliance and payment data security and for businesses worldwide to enable them with financial, government, and healthcare mandates

Compliancy Group: End-to-End Compliance Solutions for Medical Service Providers
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Marc Haskelson, CEO

Improves traditional HIPAA consulting practices by using well-designed software and web-based solutions.

Optum: Modular Solutions for Compliance Management
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Larry Renfro, CEO

A health services provider that leverages data and analytics with technology and expertise for modern health care

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