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Fusing Pharma Technology and Healthcare
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Brent Stutz, SVP of Commercial Technologies at Fuse by Cardinal Health

The Evolution of Pharmacy Industry For years the issue of non-adherence and non-compliance and their economic impact has been discussed at length. However, as data has become more accessible on a greater scale, more effort has been focused on...

Redefining the Healthcare Industry with Predictive Analytics
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Predictive analytics has played a pivotal role in reforming industries such as marketing, finance, retail, and manufacturing by aiding enterprises to understand data, analyze trends, and make cost-effective business decisions. Witnessing the...

What Technology 2018 Brings?
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The CES, Gitex, ITExpo, Techspo, and the Mobile World Congress events shall announce and portend the unveilings and announcements for technological products soon to come. Artificial Intelligence: Josh Crandall, principal analyst...

Medical Innovations Transforming Healthcare
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As New Year is approaching soon, anticipations about technological innovations in every industry are growing around the globe. Gazing at the healthcare industry, Cleveland Clinic has announced its 'Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2018'...

Medical Innovations Transforming Healthcare
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As New Year is approaching soon, anticipations about technological innovations in every industry are growing around the globe. Gazing at the healthcare industry, Cleveland Clinic has announced its 'Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2018' at a...

Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry
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Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Many Pharma and life sciences companies consume cloud computing in the form of software-as-a-service. GSK deploys all email and collaboration technology— in the Microsoft cloud. Hence we operate in several countries with hundred...

Maximum Value, Limited Data, and Development to Inflection Points
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Michael F Murphy, MD, PhD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Research and development costs to market authorization are formidable. Given the pattern of product attrition occurring throughout the development lifecycle, outsourcing decisions accentuate the importance of earlier phase clinical research from...

Are Health Systems Ready For Innovation?
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Lauren Cheung, Senior Director of Strategy and Operations, Stanford Medicine

The imperative to change healthcare and its delivery is upon us. As new forces in healthcare converge, including healthcare consumerism, the entry of traditional technology companies into healthcare delivery, and the increased amount of data and...

Synergy between CIO and CMO: A Boon to the Organization
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Scott Terrell, SVP & CIO, HealthMarkets, Inc.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that the CIO of a company be in lockstep with its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). I can attest to this, having gone through some of the biggest transformations seen in any industry, at any company, at any...

Integrating Data from Wearable Devices for a More Intelligent Business
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Scott Coles, CEO, Optalert

The world today is full of data. Increasingly that data is being generated from the emerging array of wearable technology devices now entering the business domain. The coming year will see a rapid acceleration of the use of wearables into the...

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile Innovation
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Bijoy Sagar, Global CIO, Stryker

The medical technology industry, like many others in the healthcare sector, recognizes the importance of innovative data-based solutions in delivering a superior patient and customer experience. Assuring the delivery of these solutions within a...

Trends as a Healthcare Service Provider
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Rahul Varshneya, Co-founder and CEO, Arkenea LLC

A 360 degree view of customer Achieving a 360 degree view of the customer, as rightly pointed out, isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, most consider it as unattainable for simply the reasons that the touch points with which a customer...

How To Use Systems Of Engagement To Better Engage Healthcare Providers (HCPs)
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Jeff Gaus,President, CEO, Prolifiq Software

The life sciences commercialization model has changed. Long gone are the days of “reach and frequency,” “three-points and a close,” and “…here dropping of some donuts, pens and note pads.” Individual reps...

The Formula for Successful Patient Engagement
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Rich Phillips, CTO, Tampa General Hospital

Healthcare providers are faced with the perfect storm of challenges. Regulatory upheaval, clinical advancement, and rising costs provide just a few of the market forces which conspire to disrupt management in their quest for patient care...

Transitioning from Projects to Products to Meet Analytics Demand
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Joseph Dudas, Division Chair, Enterprise Analytics, Mayo Clinic

What are the challenges today? Big data and analytics are the marketing and sales buzzwords of the day but many have been working in this space for years and would claim that nothing is new. This is both true and false at the same time mainly...

Information Technology and the New Challenges of Healthcare
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Kris Zierolf, Director, IT Revenue Cycle, Renown Health

Government regulation, changing customer demand, and technological advances are redefining what it means to provide quality healthcare; and IT is being required to fill the dual role of customer service and steward of technology infrastructure. As...

Healthcare DATA Integration: The Foundation for Population Health
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Michael Dulin, Chief Clinical Officer for Analytics and Outcomes Research, Carolinas HealthCare System

When I moved from working as an engineer into healthcare during the early 90s, I was shocked by the inability of healthcare providers to capture or use data to improve care delivery. Now, almost 30 years later, we do a much better job capturing...

Change Management: How to Drive Physician Adoption of New Healthcare Technology
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Rhonda Collins, VP, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera Communications

Hospital and health system CIOs across the country face a universal challenge when it comes to implementing new technology: Obtaining physician buy-in. It doesn’t matter how much potential the technology has to create better workflows,...

3D Printing for Life: Expanding Your Solution into the Healthcare Industry
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Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., a Neuro Radiologist at Stanford Healthcare and founder of 3DHEALS

Consider this: 400+ life-sized pediatric congenital heart disease models have been used to help save lives by improving pre-surgical planning and also potentially reduce the operative time for patients. These models were created using 3D printing...

Mount Sinai: Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry
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Kumar Chatani, EVP & CIO, The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Health Sys­tem has become a leader in shifting to a value-based health care model from a fee-for-service model. It is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the country, consisting of seven hospital campuses and...

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