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Avelead: Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Solutions
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John Goforth, Managing Director

Helps healthcare systems optimize their clinical, financial, and operational performance through strategic consulting services, technology implementations, and revenue cycle services

AVEC Health Solutions: An Incredible Healthcare Growth Story
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John Evensen, Co-Founder & COO And Simon Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO

Provider of end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Coding Solutions

Cirius Group: Streamlining Patient Provider and Payer Relationships
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Mark Ehnen, VP of Sales

Offers revenue cycle systems for UBO4 billing and 1500 billing, claim status, remittance processing, and calculating expected reimbursement for healthcare providers

FormFast: Bridging Gaps with Document Automation
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Art Nicholas, Chief Revenue Officer

With 25 years exclusively focused on healthcare needs and over 1,100 hospital clients, FormFast is recognized as an industry leader in electronic forms and document workflow technology

TRIARQ Health: Improve Practice Efficiency, Generate Higher Revenues
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Mike Sappington, Chairman & Managing Partner

TRIARQ Health partners with physicians by providing the expertise, services, infrastructure, and technologies necessary for independent doctors to thrive in the value-based healthcare economy

Med USA: Legacy Fueled Innovation
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Mike Siaperas, CEO & Founder

A physician services organization that has been providing billing and practice management solutions for over 38 years

MD1: Putting Money Back into the Practice
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Richard Hicks, CEO & founder

Delivers patient encounter, revenue cycle, practice operations, and transitional care management solutions for medical practices and healthcare organizations

TruBridge: The Triple Advantage
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Chris Fowler, President

TruBridge charts a clear path to financial viability by offering an end-to-end revenue cycle solution

AVEC Health Solutions: Augmenting Revenue Opportunities, Enhancing Patient Care
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John Evensen, COO & founder and Simon Hughes, CEO & founder

Renders end-to-end healthcare services to effectively manage coding, billing, and AR follow up in rural, community hospitals

CrisSoft, LLC: Comprehensive Medical Billing Software
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Paul Criswell, Principal

Providing a comprehensive solution to a backend billing system with full import/ export HL7 and proprietary integration

U.S. MedScI: Practice-Based Outcome Analysis
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Bryan Mack, President

Delivers a platform that collates diagnostic, behavioral, medical, and cost data and builds a digital timeline of patients’ treatment history to empower...

Diamond Healthcare Communications: Healthcare Communication Solutions Focused on the Patient
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Mark Peterson, CEO

Diamond Healthcare Communications specializes in creating and delivering patient obligation communications for the healthcare revenue cycle

Pursuit Healthcare Advisors: Unique Approach to Drive Population Health
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Eric Smith, VP, Population Health Management

Offers Population Health Management services and solutions for today’s challenging healthcare IT environment

Quest National Services: Integrated Clinical and Financial Systems
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Adam Nager, Co-Founder & CEO

Revenue Cycle Management Company that provide superior solutions to healthcare providers that help enhance cash-flow while increasing productivity

Rubixis: Relentless Pursuit of RCM Perfection
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Manoj Sharma, CEO

Building an integrated software platform to solve complex healthcare revenue cycle challenges through a combination of cross-functional, across-industry expertise, and innovative analytical solutions

Optimum Healthcare IT: Healthcare Delivery Optimizers
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Jason Mabry, CEO

Help clients in improving healthcare delivery by providing world-class consulting services

GetixHealth: Unraveling Revenue Management Woes
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Charles Bracken, Founder & CEO

Provides services and technologies to hospitals and physician groups in the areas of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

AntWorks Healthcare: Fresh, Fearless, and Fast
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Asheesh Mehra Co-Founder & CEO

Empowering medical practices to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes

Navigant Consulting: Enhancing Revenue Management through Road Mapping
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James McHugh, Managing Director, Revenue Cycle Business Unit Leader

Offers complete end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions for physicians, hospitals and healthcare networks

Revenue Management Solutions (RMS): Fueling the Revenue Revolution
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Scott W.Thomas, CEO

Accelerating electronic revenue management for healthcare providers, banks, and health plans

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